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Owner of HRT Clinic Viking Alternative Medicine • Youtube Channel LiveLikeAViking • Army Veteran • Entrepreneur

From a humble beginning at 50 years old, Sam Ridgeway made the decision to change his life. Diagnosed with a plethora of medical conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes… Sam found himself in the same position thousands of other middle aged men are in today. Fast forward a year and a half and through hard work, determination, and the magic of science, Sam has turned his entire life around. He now has no medical conditions and his blood work is that of a perfectly healthy 30 year old. He attributes a vast majority of his success to Hormone Replacement Therapy and the extensive product line offered by Through his YouTube Channel, LiveLikeAViking, Website,  and Hormone Replacement Clinic, Viking Alternative Medicine… Sam has had the pleasure of helping literally hundreds of Middle Aged Men get their lives back on track to becoming healthy, energetic, strong, and mentally focused once again. As Sam preaches, “You’re never so far into the “Abyss” that you can’t turn things around with the purity, selection, and pricing of SARM’s and Peptides offered by”




Growing up in the worlds of collegiate football and USA Rugby League in the early 2000’s, Bryan had resorted to marathon training sessions to continue to improve his fitness; often completing 30 to 40 sets with weights, followed by wind sprints and drills and 5 mile runs when he realized there had to be a better way.

Embarking on a quest to “work smarter and safer, not harder”, Bryan immersed himself in the science of training, nutrition and ultimately supplementation and performance enhancement.  Cutting through the rumors, misinformation and outright BS of the fitness world became an obsession, as everything had to be tested and verified or rejected with first hand experience.

As the experimentation continued and his experience grew to be vast, results increased exponentially while training time dropped to less than an hour per day.  Everyone wanted to know what he was doing differently, and soon thereafter, sharing his wealth of experience and expansive knowledge to help others became a past time, and saving others from repeating his own mistakes a passion.

Connecting with PureRawz was the next logical step.  As an industry leader and a company trusted by customers around the world for over 7 years, Bryan feels confident recommending high quality Purerawz products to fellow enthusiasts embarking on the journey to the next level.

You may contact Bryan with inquiries regarding PureRawz as well as all things training, nutrition, and performance enhancement via the link below.

Contact bryan15


Seth Spartan

Competitive Bodybuilder and Powerlifter • Nutrition, Training, and P.E.D Expert • Self-Made Businessman & Entrepreneur • Founder of The Spartan “No BS Bodybuilding” and Spartan Empire.

Seth launched into the fitness industry after becoming a World Qualified Powerlifter, and later a National Level Bodybuilder.

Frank Mann

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder • Proud father of two, born and raised in Wisconsin

Frank turned Pro in 2017 by winning Masters Nationals, and has been Bodybuilding since the age of 15. He is currently 50 years old! Frank says age is just a number! He’s passionate about the sport and can’t wait to take things to another level.

Frank’s Motto: Never looking back, Always moving forward!

Here is what Seth and Frank have to say:

Sick of the lies, bullsh*t, scamming and cheating in the industry, and terrible information on P.E.Ds, Seth set out on a mission – Change Bodybuilding and the Fitness World forever. And he has! Seth launched his Website, Brand, Coaching, YouTube and Social Media Outlets, and after coaching hundreds and hundreds of clients, both by monthly coaching and phone calls, he then launched the infamous “Unleashed” Series – A YouTube and Internet series with one goal in mind: Deliver an in depth, no BS review on every single Anabolic Steroid in Existence.

The Videos and Channel went viral, and Seth’s name with it. The largest video single-handedly amassing over a million views, and the combined total of the video series amassing over 10 Million! Since then YouTube has censored and taken down the channel multiple times, with Seth replacing the fallen channel just as fast.

Fast forward a year – Now armed with Purerawz as a sponsor (the only company that would allow independent lab testing of their products) and IFBB Pro Frank Mann, The Spartan Team has never looked so good.

An unbelievable no BS bodybuilding company on the one hand (PURERAWZ), and a Genetic Freak of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder on the other (Seth believes he will be the Next Mr. Olympia, time will tell), and Seth in the middle to tie things together.

Things have never looked so good! #TEAMSPARTAN #PURERAWZ

team spartan



Kenny is a Youtube and Instagram influencer .
Passionate about exposing fake instagram influencers, Kenny is dedicated to showing his 350+K  followers what is natural and what is fake in the world of body beauty.
Kenny recently  placed 1st  in Mens Physique Open, and 2nd across all classes at 2019 NPC Mother Lode, qualifying him for Nationals.

For more from Kenny K.O. Follow the link below.

Ryan Russo

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