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Pregnanolone – Product Information

Pregnenolone is a naturally occurring chemical in the body, known to impact brain function, and serve as a precursor to all neurosteroids present in the brain. Its influence extends to critical processes like myelination, neuroinflammation, neurotransmission, and neuroplasticity, implying a significant role in cognition, aging, and addiction. Research has indicated fluctuations in pregnenolone levels in conditions related to mental health and pain disorders.

CAS Number 128-20-1
Molar Mass 316.4776 g/mol
Chemical Formula C21H32O2
IUPAC Name 1-[(1S,3aS,3bS,7S,9aR,9bS,11aS)-7-Hydroxy-9a,11a-dimethyl-2,3,3a,3b,4,6,7,8,9,9a,9b,10,11,11a-tetradecahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-1-yl]ethan-1-one

What is Pregnanolone?

Pregnanolone (3a-hydroxy-5b-pregnan-20-one) is a progesterone metabolite that modulates the action of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) at GABAA synaptic and extrasynaptic receptors.[R]

Pregnenolone is one of the most prevalent neurosteroids and the precursor to all neurosteroids found in the brain.

Pregnenolone can alter myelination, neuroinflammation, neurotransmission, and neuroplasticity in the brain, emphasizing its role in cognition, aging, and addiction. Following research that reported changed pregnenolone levels in mental and pain disorders, as well as therapeutic effects of pregnenolone adjunct therapy in these situations, evidence for its therapeutic potential has emerged.[R]

 The chemical pregnenolone is found in our bodies. Pregnenolone is also known for developing advanced treatments for autism, back pain, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support its use. [R]

How Does Pregnanolone Work?

Pregnenolone has the important job of being the starting material for neurosteroids. These neurosteroids can then help regulate different neurotransmitter receptors like GABA-A and NMDA receptors. This can help with the brain’s ability to change and adapt to new information, which is important for learning and memory.[R] 

Pregnanolone Potential Research Applications

Numerous animal and human studies have been conducted on the potential application of Pregnanolone. Below are some of the relevant findings:

Pregnanolone on Cognition 

 According to the results of a recent study, diet-induced obesity in mice may have detrimental effects on their metabolism and cognition. The study specifically found that mice with diet-induced obesity had reduced pregnenolone levels in the hypothalamus, a crucial brain area in charge of controlling both metabolism and cognition. The mice’s cognitive function declined as a result of this drop in pregnenolone levels.

To further investigate the role of pregnenolone in memory performance, the researchers administered pregnenolone to the mice. The results showed that supplementation with pregnenolone improved their recognition memory (memory health), suggesting that pregnenolone may have therapeutic potential for improving cognitive function in individuals with metabolic disorders. [R]

It’s important to note that this study was conducted in mice, so the results may not necessarily apply to humans thus rigorous scientific research is suggested.

Pregnanolone Potentially Promotes Optimal Hormone Balance

Being a crucial precursor of cortisol, progesterone, and DHEA, which can then be converted into estrogens and testosterone, pregnenolone plays a significant role in maintaining hormonal balance. The body’s stress response system can be kept in balance with the use of pregnenolone. Patients with hormone deficiencies discovered through testing, as well as those who require assistance balancing cortisol to DHEA, should take pregnenolone supplements to achieve youthful hormone levels 

It’s vital to highlight that this study requires careful scientific investigation to establish the effectiveness of pregnenolone.

Pregnanolone on Emotion 

 In a study, allopregnanolone was found to decrease brain activity in the amygdala and insula compared to a placebo. In the condition where the participants were evaluating stimuli, allopregnanolone increased brain activity in a specific part of the prefrontal cortex, and this led to reduced anxiety in the participants. Additionally, the connectivity between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex was enhanced by allopregnanolone, which further helped reduce anxiety levels. The study utilized a new method to examine the processing, control, and modulation of emotions to investigate how allopregnanolone affects the neural pathways involved in emotion processing. The findings indicate that an increase in allopregnanolone levels following pregnenolone administration can lead to decreased activity in brain regions associated with negative emotions.[R]

Pregnanolone on Learning and Memory

PREGS and DHEAS were investigated for their capacity to control age-induced learning impairment in 16-month-old mice utilizing the step-down type of passive avoidance. In the passive avoidance test, 16-month-old mice had lower step-down latency than 3-month-old mice, indicating retention impairments in old mice. PREGS or DHEAS (1-20 mg/kg, s.c.) pretraining injections increased the 24-hour delay retention performances in this task in aged mice in a dose-dependent manner. The maximum effects were obtained with a PREGS dose of 5 mg/kg and a DHEAS dose of 10 mg/kg.

The studies shown above suggest that treatment of PREG, DHEA, and their sulfate esters support youthful memory and cognition in middle-aged and elderly animals which commonly lack mental focus.[R]  

Pregnanolone on Cancer 

Allopregnanolone is a chemical that is made when the body breaks down progesterone, a hormone involved in pregnancy. Scientists have been studying allopregnanolone for a long time and have found that it could be useful in treating anxiety and depression. Allopregnanolone works by attaching to certain receptors in the brain and can affect the immune system and cell growth. However, recent studies have shown that while low levels of allopregnanolone can help cancer cells grow, high levels can stop their growth. According to recent research on 3-THP, low physiological quantities of this metabolite promote the development of numerous cancers, including breast cancer, ovarian, and glioblastoma, whereas high amounts block this progression. [R]

Pregnanolone on Traumatic Brain Injury

In a study conducted on rats, it was found that traumatic brain injury (TBI) causes an excessive release of interleukin-1β (IL-1β) and tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α), leading to cerebral edema. This, in turn, can result in permanent neuronal loss and cognitive deficits in laboratory rats. The study showed that progesterone and allopregnanolone reduced both IL-1β and TNF-α at 3 hours post-injury when the expression of these cytokines peaks. However, at 8 and 12 hours post-injury, the IL-1β and TNF-α gene expression in injured rats remained elevated compared to shams. By the sixth day post-injury, cytokine expression returned to the level of intact rats. Therefore, it can be concluded that progesterone and allopregnanolone may reduce cerebral edema and promote functional recovery from TBI by attenuating the production of proinflammatory cytokines early after TBI. [R]

It is important to note that the study mentioned above was conducted solely on laboratory rats and there is no limited study conducted to know possible life extension in humans.

Pregnanolone on Schizophrenia 

 Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental condition marked by positive, negative, and mood symptoms, impaired coping capacities with heightened distress, and a considerable decline in cognition, quality of life, and psychosocial functioning.

In 1981, Baulieu proposed the name “neurosteroids” after discovering that pregnenolone (PREG) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) are generated in the brain. Preliminary clinical trials suggest that supplementing PREG and DHEA may improve some clinical symptoms and neurocognitive functioning in schizophrenia.

There has been little research into PREG and DHEA in schizophrenia thus more research is needed to understand possible serious adverse health effects. [R]

Pregnanolone on Stress

This study looked at the effect of female hormones on the body’s ability to handle stress and protect against damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. They found that when female rats had their ovaries removed and were exposed to stress from breathing in CO2, their brains showed more signs of damage from free radicals. However, giving the rats a hormone called pregnanolone helped protect their brains from this damage. This suggests that female hormones may play a protective role against oxidative stress, and that pregnanolone may be a useful treatment for this kind of stress. [R]

It is important to note that Pregnanolone on stress was conducted in female rats only, further research should be done.

Summary of Pregnanolone

Pregnenolone is a chemical produced in the body that can affect brain function and is a precursor to all neurosteroids found in the brain. It can influence processes such as myelination, neuroinflammation, neurotransmission, and neuroplasticity in the brain, indicating its role in cognition, aging, and addiction. Studies have shown changes in pregnenolone levels in mental and pain disorders, and some research suggests that it could have therapeutic potential to achieve the healthiest life and richer life. However, there is currently not enough scientific evidence, unlike other dietary supplements to support its use for treating autism, back pain, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pregnanolone Safe?

In addition to a lack of consistent evidence of direct benefits, the potential long-term effects of Pregnanolone are also unknown. Purerawz sells Pregnanolone for research purposes only.

Is there a relationship between Pregnanolone and stress response?

Pregnanolone is thought to help balance the body’s stress response system, and studies explore its role in stress-related conditions. However, individual responses may vary.

Are there ongoing clinical trials involving Pregnanolone?

Researchers are conducting clinical trials to further explore the therapeutic potential of Pregnanolone. It’s essential to stay updated on the latest trial results for comprehensive insights.

Can Pregnanolone be beneficial in metabolic disorders?

Some studies suggest that Pregnanolone may have therapeutic potential in metabolic disorders, impacting factors like myelination, neuroinflammation, and neurotransmission.

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