Packages typically reaches the courier and gets delivered to you within 5-12 days as it travels from EU to the US and then to you, the customer. If your package has not arrived within 12-Business days, please reach out to customer service so we can see what the hold-up is.

PureRawz ships Priority International Mail and most orders are delivered in 2-6 days. Every order will receive a tracking number which can be tracked on Once you receive your tracking number please allow at least 24 hours for it to update on We do not ship on days USPS is closed. Click for a list of USPS holidays.

PureRawz sends an email receipt with every order. If you place your order and you do not receive an email receipt of your order within 24hrs, please contact us. This indicates the email address we have for your order is incorrect, or might be ending up in your spam folder.

If your package is returned back to us as undeliverable we will contact you as soon as it arrives back. At that time you will be invoiced for shipping to reattempt delivery. We cannot issue a refund or in any case cancel the order. We are not liable for an undelivered package due to incorrect shipping address or being left unclaimed at the post office.

Orders over $100 = Free

Orders over $150 will require signature. If you do not want signature required on your package Please leave us a note so we can take it off, in that case we will also not be held responsible for a package getting lost/stolen.

We ship big boxes from the EU everyday with multiple packages inside of them, once that big box arrives in the USA, it is then handed over by our courier company to USPS and is then shipped locally.

This is the only way to get the packages safely in the USA without any importing issues. The big boxes are very expensive every day to ship it overnight basically. This safe for both parties.


We ship to the USA and worldwide, with a few exceptions.

Please note that we are unable to support refunds or reship shipments via international reshippers. If a shipment is lost, damaged or is confiscated whilst using a reshipper we are unable to offer refunds. Please ensure you comply with local laws as well as the laws in the country of your reshipper, and verify that your package conforms to the terms of service of your reshipper.

International shipping usually takes between 8-17 days, though we can’t make any guarantees.

Customs is the #1 reason for any delays you might experience.

Send us an email at as soon as you can.

If it hasn’t shipped we can change the address for you.

You should start receiving tracking updates via email within 1-3 business days of your order being paid.
To look up your order tracking, please visit the following page:
Track My Order
My tracking says delivered but I did not receive the package!
If the tracking says Delivered but you have not received the package there are a few possibilities.
It’s possible the package was received by someone else. Couriers sometimes drop off packages at the wrong address, street or mailbox. It possible your neighbor, a front desk, receptionist, mailroom, doorman, HOA or colleague received the package.
If you still can’t find it contact the courier, our tracking emails will provide contact information. Couriers will have GPS coordinates for every tracking scan and can tell you where the package was scanned when the status was changed to Delivered. Be sure to have your tracking number on hand.
USPS Customer Support: 1 (800) 275-8777
Tip: If USPS delivered your package it will be easier to call or visit your local post office and ask to speak with the Postmaster about your missing delivery.
If you suspect the package was lost or stolen please file a claim with the courier and/or a police report. We typically recommend waiting 1-2 weeks for the package to turn up, usually a neighbor or colleague has it. If it never turns up please get in touch with us and provide proof you filed a claim. We will handle this on a case by case basis and may require you to sign a legal affidavit to submit to our insurance company, so we can issue a free reship. But again, please contact us, we are very easy to work with.


Please place an order and go to checkout to see all the available methods. We have about 8 different options It continually changes.

Banks and credit card companies like to verify as much information as possible with customers so that they can prevent fraudulent activity. Adding this extra piece of info is simply a security measure for your safety. We’ll never use your phone number for marketing reasons.

It’s likely the bank is halting the transaction, and you’ll need to contact them to verify that it is you making the purchase.


Yes. If you wish to cancel your order or if there is a problem, we are happy to. Refunds can take up to 21 days, depending on banks

We do not accept any returns.


If you are interested in making a bulk or especially large purchase, or are interested in resale, please get in touch at


If our products are stored in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight, they will generally last up to three years or more.
We will never send you a product that is nearing its expiration.

If you have any problems at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

This is normal and happens sometimes. There are some compounds that crystalize during shipping, especially in the winter time when temperatures drop. The compounds are pretty high dosed and this can happen.

For customers that do not have special heating equipment, a stove top should work fine – preferably a glass stove top. Heat stove to about 40% power. Place the bottle on the stove top until it’s pretty hot. Shake periodically until the crystals have dissolved. After they’ve dissolved and bottle has cooled down, open the childproof twist lid so that the air can escape and close again. Please store at room temperature and do not refrigerate. If you have any issues, please get in contact with us.

Some compounds have a milky viscosity and do not need to be heated up. Just shake those well before use.

DO NOT heat up Cardarine and RAD-140.


The first reason for the price increase is because we are shipping from Europe. We ship it the fastest option available which is equal to PRIORITY EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL. Shipping times can be anywhere from 5-12 days. This is an expensive shipping option and we are trying not to put our customers at any unease or dissatisfaction. Thus, we are shipping it to the USA and it is then shipped to you. Keeps you, the customer safe and us.
This shipping method is guaranteed. If any issues arise during shipping, please get in contact with us.


Yes, we verify every batch of every product. Independent third party lab reports are available on each product.
Regardless of what vendor you use, you should always request evidence of independent testing. Anything coming from a manufacturer or Chinese trading company is a no-go. Look for accredited domestic laboratories that have tied their name to the lab report and who would be liable if the report was false.


Purerawz Supplementz is a company that is paying us Royalties to use our name, as well as an edited version of our logo.
We are not the same company. But we do trust their product – we will never let a company use our name without top quality products.