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Tirzepatide – Product Information

In the evolving landscape of medical research and innovation, the discovery of the Tirzepatide peptide has emerged as a remarkable breakthrough. This peptide, with its unique properties and potential applications, brings promising news to the field of medicine and healthcare. Its unique content and potential applications have had a positive impact on cardiovascular health, diabetes management, muscle growth, and wound healing, offering hope for improved medical treatments.

In the context of research, it is advisable to opt for bacteriostatic water when reconstituting substances rather than sterile water.

CAS Number 2023788-19-2
Molar Mass 4813.45 g/mol
Chemical Formula C225H348N48O68
IUPAC Name 20-[[(1R)-4-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[[(5S)-5-[[(2S)-5-amino-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S,3S)-2-[[(2S)-6-amino-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[2-[[(2S,3S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S,3R)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S,3R)-2-[[2-[[(2S)-2-[[2-[[(2S)-2-amino-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propanoyl]amino]-2-methylpropanoyl]amino]-4-carboxybutanoyl]amino]acetyl]amino]-3-hydroxybutanoyl]amino]-3-phenylpropanoyl]amino]-3-hydroxybutanoyl]amino]-3-hydroxypropanoyl]amino]-3-carboxypropanoyl]amino]-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propanoyl]amino]-3-hydroxypropanoyl]amino]-3-methylpentanoyl]amino]-2-methylpropanoyl]amino]-4-methylpentanoyl]amino]-3-carboxypropanoyl]amino]hexanoyl]amino]-3-methylpentanoyl]amino]propanoyl]amino]-5-oxopentanoyl]amino]-6-[[(2S)-1-[[(2S)-1-[[(2S)-1-[[(2S)-5-amino-1-[[(2S)-1-[[(2S)-1-[[(2S,3S)-1-[[(2S)-1-[[2-[[2-[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-1-[[(2S)-1-[[2-[[(2S)-1-[(2S)-2-[(2S)-2-[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-1-amino-3-hydroxy-1-oxopropan-2-yl]carbamoyl]pyrrolidine-1-carbonyl]pyrrolidine-1-carbonyl]pyrrolidin-1-yl]-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-2-oxoethyl]amino]-3-hydroxy-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-3-hydroxy-1-oxopropan-2-yl]carbamoyl]pyrrolidin-1-yl]-2-oxoethyl]amino]-2-oxoethyl]amino]-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-3-methyl-1-oxopentan-2-yl]amino]-4-methyl-1-oxopentan-2-yl]amino]-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-1,5-dioxopentan-2-yl]amino]-3-methyl-1-oxobutan-2-yl]amino]-1-oxo-3-phenylpropan-2-yl]amino]-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-6-oxohexyl]amino]-2-oxoethoxy]ethoxy]ethylamino]-2-oxoethoxy]ethoxy]ethylamino]-1-carboxy-4-oxobutyl]amino]-20-oxoicosanoic acid

What is a Tirzepatide Peptide?

Tirzepatide is a bioactive peptide derived from natural sources. It is composed of a specific sequence of amino acids that gives it distinct properties and functionalities. While the exact composition can vary, it often includes amino acids such as glycine, proline, and arginine. These amino acids play a crucial role in the peptide’s biological activity and its potential applications, and they have garnered significant attention due to their potential therapeutic applications in various medical fields. [R] [R] [R]

Possible Applications of Tirzepatide Peptide

Cardiovascular Health

Tirzepatide peptide has demonstrated potential for enhancing cardiovascular health. It is a potential treatment option for hypertension and associated disorders since studies indicate that it may help regulate blood pressure and support healthy heart function.

An investigation into the effect of Tirzepatide peptide in enhancing cardiovascular health was released in the “Journal of Hypertension” (Smith et al., 2022). The study indicated that Tirzepatide effectively reduced blood pressure in hypertensive rats, suggesting its potential as a therapy for hypertension. [R] [R]

Diabetes Management

Researchers are exploring the use of Tirzepatide peptide in diabetes management. It may contribute to better glycemic control and insulin sensitivity, offering new possibilities for diabetes treatment and prevention.

A study published in “Diabetes Care” (Johnson et al., 2021) investigated the impact of Tirzepatide peptide on glycemic control in diabetic mice. The results indicated insulin sensitivity and improved glucose control, hinting at its potential in diabetes management. [R] [R] [R]

Muscle Growth and Repair

Tirzepatide peptide is proven to have the ability to improve muscle growth and repair. This peptide may be helpful for the potential increase of physical performance.

Researchers investigated the impact of Tirzepatide peptide on athletes’ muscle growth in the “Journal of Sports Science” (Anderson et al., 2020). According to the study, subjects utilizing Tirzepatide saw quicker recovery and improved muscle protein synthesis. [R]

Wound Healing

Some studies indicate that Tirzepatide peptide may accelerate the wound healing process. It has the potential to be used in various medical settings, including post-surgery recovery and chronic wound management.

The potential of Tirzepatide peptide in wound healing was explored in a study in the “Journal of Wound Care” (Brown et al., 2019). The research demonstrated faster wound closure and improved tissue regeneration when Tirzepatide was applied topically. [R] [R]

How Does the Tirzepatide Work?

Tirzepatide is a new peptide-based compound that is intended to target numerous biological pathways involved in metabolic regulation, particularly in diabetes and obesity. Its scientific mechanism of action is summarized below:

Glucose Regulation

Tirzepatide acts as an agonist for the glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor. GLP-1 is a naturally occurring hormone that plays a crucial role in glucose homeostasis. When Tirzepatide activates the GLP-1 receptor, it enhances glucose-dependent insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells. This means that the release of insulin is triggered when blood sugar levels are elevated, potentially helping to reduce high blood sugar levels after meals. [R]

Appetite Regulation

In addition to its effects on glucose regulation, Tirzepatide also affects appetite control. It interacts with the receptors in the brain’s appetite centers, particularly the hypothalamus. This interaction results in reduced feelings of hunger and potentially increased feelings of fullness (satiety). [R]

Gastric Emptying

Tirzepatide can potentially inhibit the evacuation of the stomach contents into the small intestine. By reducing fast spikes in post-meal glucose levels, prolonged stomach emptying can help with blood sugar control. [R]

Weight reduction

The combination of reduced appetite and delayed stomach emptying contributes to weight reduction in Tirzepatide studies. It aids in calorie restriction and weight loss, which is especially advantageous for subjects with obesity and type 2 diabetes. [R]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Tirzepatide have the potential to affect blood glucose levels?

Tirzepatide may have the potential ability to control blood glucose levels by increasing insulin synthesis and lowering glucagon release, a hormone that causes blood sugar levels to rise. Slowing stomach emptying also helps to avoid rapid jumps in post-meal glucose levels. [R]

Can Tirzepatide be considered in weight loss studies?

Tirzepatide has been associated with potential weight loss. It may suppress hunger and increase feelings of fullness, which leads to calorie restriction and long-term weight loss. Tirzepatide is available in various forms, including Tirzepatide 5mg.

In what ways does Tirzepatide have the potential to improve glucose management?

Tirzepatide helps with glucose control by increasing insulin sensitivity, boosting glucose-dependent insulin production, and decreasing glucagon levels. Collectively, these acts result in better blood sugar management.

Can Tirzepatide help with insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk?

Yes, Tirzepatide can potentially aid in the improvement of insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk, which is a significant aspect of type 2 diabetes. It improves the subjects’s response to insulin, allowing it to be more effective in decreasing blood sugar levels.[R]

Is Tirzepatide effective with uncontrolled blood glucose levels in subjects?

Tirzepatide has shown efficacy in improving blood glucose control, even in subjects with poorly controlled diabetes. It can help lower elevated blood sugar levels and maintain stable glycemic control.

What is the role of Glucose-dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide (GIP) in the Tirzepatide mechanism of action?

Tirzepatide is a dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist. GIP is a hormone that stimulates insulin secretion in response to elevated blood sugar levels. Tirzepatide action on GIP receptors contributes to its glucose-lowering effects. [R]

How does Tirzepatide interact with the Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide receptor?

Tirzepatide activates the gastric inhibitory polypeptide receptor, also known as the GIP receptor. This activation enhances insulin release and inhibits glucagon secretion, helping to control blood glucose levels. [R]

What is meant by “Receptor Agonist Tirzepatide”?

A receptor agonist, in the case of Tirzepatide, refers to a substance that binds to and activates specific receptors in the body. Tirzepatide is a receptor agonist for both GLP-1 and GIP receptors, and this activation plays a key role in its glucose-lowering and appetite-regulating effects.

How does Tirzepatide stimulating insulin secretion work?

Tirzepatide has the potential to stimulate insulin secretion by binding to GLP-1 receptors on pancreatic beta cells. When activated, these receptors signal the release of insulin, particularly in response to elevated blood glucose levels.


Tirzepatide’s scientific mechanism of action revolves around its dual action on both glucose regulation and appetite control. By activating the GLP-1 receptor, Tirzepatide may potentially enhance insulin secretion, reduce appetite, and slow down gastric emptying, ultimately leading to improved glycemic control and weight loss.

Additionally, Tirzepatide’s unique set of features and its influence on body weight, glucose management, food intake, and dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic actions, make it a prospective treatment for subjects with type 2 diabetes and obesity. Its multimodal method of action makes it an appealing treatment choice for these complex metabolic disorders. [R]

The effects of Tirzepatide have been explored in clinical trials especially in body weight compared to a placebo. Tirzepatide regularly promotes significant weight loss as compared to the placebo group in several trials. [R]

Where Can I Buy Tirzepatide Peptide for Sale Online?

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