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Green Borneo Kratom – Product Details

Green Borneo kratom is derived from one of the green kratom strains grown explicitly in Borneo. Green Borneo kratom powder is known for containing the properties of both red and white kratom strains, making it a potent strain.

Maeng da kratom powder from the green Borneo strain has a green vein on its leaves. This feature suggests that the growers harvested the kratom plant early in its growing process. Other brands of this herbal powder are called super green Borneo kratom.

The kratom strain being considered is being researched for its purported health benefits. According to some researchers, green Borneo kratom has more significant benefits than any other kratom strain. One reason is that it contains characteristics from both the white and red strains of kratom.

Even though green Borneo kratom could potentially provide particular medical applications, it is still unsafe for human consumption. The US FDA warns the buying public against purchasing illegally sold and unapproved green Borneo kratom products.

Pure Rawz only sells green Borneo kratom powder for research purposes.

CAS Number 4098-40-2
Molar Mass 398,4953 g/mol-1
Chemical Formula C23H30N2O4
IUPAC Name methyl 2-(3-ethyl-8-methoxy-1,2,3,4,6,7,12,12b-octahydroindolo[2,3-a]quinolizin-2-yl)-3-methoxyprop-2-enoate

What is Green Borneo Kratom?

Green Borneo kratom is among the popular strains of the green vein kratom plant that naturally evolved in the forests of Borneo. It is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family (Mitragyna speciosa).

Most of the Borneo strains on the market today come from the southern Indonesian section of Borneo. Local farmers frequently claim that the best Borneo kratom leaves grow in some of the island’s oldest rainforests.

Like other green-vein strains, Green Borneo kratom reaches peak harvestability about at the middle of the kratom’s growth cycle. Cultivators should notice that the veins turn a deep green when a young Borneo kratom leaf loses its white veins.

This kratom strain could provide long-lasting effects because it contains properties of its red and white counterparts.

Locals of Borneo have applied the leaves or leaves extracts as a stimulant and sedative. In some isolated cases, the plant is known to aid in opium withdrawal. There are also some instances where the chemical compound is used to treat illnesses such as digestive problems and chronic pain.

However, there haven’t been enough clinical trials to fully understand kratom’s health benefits. For this reason, we recommend buying green vein Borneo kratom powder for research intents alone.

Possible Applications of Green Borneo Kratom

Below are the documented effects of green Borneo kratom among researchers who have been investigating this compound for decades. There are still not enough research studies supporting green Borneo kratoms’ medical benefits. Thus, we encourage our clients not to view this product as a cure for any illness.

Green Borneo Kratom may increase energy and focus

According to a survey, a primary motivation for kratom users was to improve physical performance. Chewing kratom leaves while working in the fields has been practiced for centuries. [R]

According to a recent study of male Malaysian consumers, the main reason for ingestion was to work longer hours with less fatigue and pain. Another survey of kratom users (primarily men) in Malaysia found that the majority used it for increased work capacity and energy. [R]

Still, large-scale studies are needed to support this herbal treatment’s benefit.

Green Borneo Kratom may help with pain management

According to online surveys conducted in the United States, the most common reason for kratom use is pain relief. Back/spine pain was the most commonly reported, followed by acute pain from injury, fibromyalgia, migraine or headache, and rheumatoid arthritis. [R]

Multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus or other autoimmune diseases, complex regional pain syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, and cancer were among the other pain conditions used with kratom. [R]

Over 90% of the respondents were supposedly satisfied with green Borneo kratom treating their pain or medical condition. [R]

A recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial found that kratom increased acute pain tolerance in a sample of 26 male kratom users, as measured in the laboratory using the cold-pressor task. [R]

Green Borneo Kratom may improve mood and manage mental health

The findings suggest that green Borneo kratom has the potential to be a harm-reduction tool, particularly as a substitute for opioids in people who are addicted. This kratom stock could also provide mood-uplifting effects and may alleviate anxiety. [R]

For many, the adverse mental health effects of kratom – primarily withdrawal symptoms – appear mild compared to those of opioids. [R]

However, withdrawal can be extremely unpleasant for some users, making it difficult to maintain abstinence. [R]

How Does Green Borneo Kratom Work?

Kratom is not a single compound but rather a cocktail of the plant’s naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloids. Although more than 40 of these compounds have been identified, only four are known to be pharmacologically active: mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-OH-mitragynine), speciociliatine, and corynantheidine. [R]

Mitragynine is the most common, accounting for roughly 2% of fresh kratom preparations by mass, but up to 66% of total alkaloid content. 7-OH-mitragynine, its highly active oxidized metabolite, is present in much lower concentrations, typically less than 0.02%. Speciogynine, paynantheine, and mitraphylline are three other indole alkaloids found in high concentrations. [R]

These compounds, like the remaining trace alkaloids, are not known to be pharmacologically active; however, it is possible that they may contribute synergistically to the overall effect of kratom in an unknown manner. [R]

Given the variety of alkaloids found in kratom extracts and the distinct potential pharmacodynamic properties of each, the substance’s net physiological effect is complex, intermixing stimulant and opiate-like properties in a dose-dependent manner (primarily stimulant-like at low amounts, with opioid effects predominating at higher doses) [R]

The stimulating effects and euphoria of a few grams of dried leaves are felt within 10 minutes and last for one to one and a half hours. Kratom users allegedly experienced increased work capacity, alertness, sociability, and, in some cases, increased sexual desire. [R]

Weight loss, tiredness, constipation, and cheek hyperpigmentation may be noticeable side effects for regular kratom users. The pharmacological mechanism underlying stimulant activity is unknown. [R]

Safety and Side Effects

The unwanted effects of kratom use have been thoroughly researched. Large-scale surveys and other observational studies of its users reveal that some experience dose-dependent side effects that are mostly mild and self-resolving. [R]

The most common are constipation, nausea, vomiting, other stomach irritation, and drowsiness. Because dizziness and sedation are possible, patients should avoid driving or engaging in other activities that would also be avoided after drinking alcohol. While adverse effects are uncommon, they cannot be ruled out. [R]

These include the possibility of liver damage, seizures, and dependence. Individuals with impaired liver, kidney, or cardiac function may be more vulnerable. [R]

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Borneo kratom help with chronic pain?

A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study was conducted to evaluate the effects of kratom on pain tolerance. As a result, kratom decoction increased pain tolerance significantly and statistically. However, more rigorous research on the pain-relieving properties of kratom and a safety profile is required. [R]

Does Borneo kratom help with anxiety?

According to one study, kratom improves mood and reduces anxiety in many users. [R]

But this effect would still need large-scale clinical trials. We do not recommend using green Borneo kratom powder to treat anxiety.

What does Borneo kratom do to the heart?

A few case reports have linked kratom consumption to ventricular arrhythmia and cardiopulmonary arrest, but this could have occurred when kratom was combined with another substance.

Is green Borneo kratom safe?

Since kratom extracts have been around for centuries, many locals use them to address specific medical conditions. However, the alleged medical benefits of this naturally occurring compound still need attestation from reliable scientific research studies. Thus, its safety for human consumption is still questionable.

Buy green Borneo kratom to understand its overall effect, and for scientific and educational use only.

Where can you buy green Borneo kratom?

Pure Rawz is the best place to buy green Borneo kratom online.

We offer many high-quality research chemicals, such as peptides and nootropics, that you can use for your scientific studies.

In order to be the best supplier of research chemicals, we provide reference materials with every product we sell. All of our products come with an independent, third-party-issued Certificate of Analysis for identification, purity, and concentration.

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