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Delta-10 THC – Product Information

Delta-10 THC is a psychoactive compound found in trace amounts in cannabis plants. It is produced from hemp, which contains 0.3 percent or less THC. While there is very little research on Delta-10 THC, it’s thought to act on the brain’s endocannabinoid system.

Delta-10 is similar to another form of THC, Delta-8, in that both are processed from hemp-derived CBD. It’s thought to be much less potent than other types of THC. However, since there’s not much research on Delta-10, there isn’t much evidence to verify such claims.

PureRawz sells Delta-10 THC for laboratory and research use only.

Delta-10 THC
CAS Number 95588-87-7
Molar Mass 314.469 g.mol1
Chemical Formula C21H30O2
IUPAC Name 6,6,9-trimethyl-3-pentyl-6a,7,8,9-tetrahydrobenzo[c]chromen-1-ol

What is THC?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana. Research has shown that THC is responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. It acts similarly to the cannabinoid (CBD) chemicals naturally produced by the body. [R]

Research has shown that THC binds with the brain’s cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors. Studies have found that THC is effective against glaucoma, muscle spasticity (abnormal muscle tightness due to prolonged muscle contraction), low appetite, and insomnia [R]

THC exists in many forms in the cannabis plant, but the three primary types are Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10. The first two have attracted more clinical and preclinical studies than Delta 10 THC, which is yet to undergo any human trial.

What is Delta-10 THC?

Delta 10 THC is a cannabinoid found in trace amounts in cannabis plants. It is thought that Delta 10 isn’t produced by the cannabis plant directly. Instead, this psychoactive compound is reported to be a degradation product similar to cannabinol, a chemical. [R]

Delta 10 THC was first discovered in the 1980s. It is chemically derived from the hemp plant but can also be synthesized directly from Delta-9 THC. Furthermore, it has been reported that Delta 10 exists as an impurity in Delta-8 THC derived from cannabidiol (CBD). [R]

How does Delta-10 THC Work?

Although little research has been conducted to investigate the effects of Delta 10 THC, this cannabinoid is thought to act on the brain’s CB receptors. There are two types of CB receptors in the body – CB1 and CB2 – though only the CB1 reportedly exist in our brains. [R]

Research has shown that CB1 receptors outnumber many other receptors in the brain. CB1 receptors have been shown to control the levels and activities of many other neurotransmitters. This, in turn, enables them to regulate hunger, temperature, and alertness. [R]

Delta-8 THC Vs Delta-10 THC

Delta 8 and Delta 10 are different THC forms. Both have been reported to have a similar chemical structure and induce feelings of intoxication. However, various differences exist between the two THC forms, which we’re going to discuss in this section.

Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC is a mildly euphoric isomer of Delta-9 THC. The only difference between the two is the location of a double bond between two carbon atoms. It is synthesized from CBD extracted from hemp, with the resulting reaction yielding a high percentage of Delta-8 THC.

Clinical studies have shown that Delta 8 THC can induce psychic effects such as euphoria, tranquility, and relaxation. It has also demonstrated the ability to induce pain relief and increased focus. Plus, its adverse effects are thought to be much less potent than that of Delta-9. [R][R]

Delta-10 THC

Delta 8 is another isomer of THC that is extracted from hemp. However, as noted above, it can also be prepared in the lab. This relatively less potent cannabinoid can be reportedly synthesized directly from Delta 8 and Delta 9, both of which contain Delta 10 in trace amounts.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that this hemp-derived peptide may be more uplifting and provide increased focus than other forms of THC. Unfortunately, the lack of research means that we cannot be as certain about its effects as that of other cannabinoids mentioned above.


Delta-10 Research

Almost all the studies that have been conducted on different forms of THC have explored the efforts of Delta 8 THC or Delta 9 THC. The relatively recent discovery of Delta 10 is yet to undergo any randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delta-10 Legal?

According to the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, Delta 10 is federally legal, provided:

  • It is extracted from hemp
  • The final product contains 0.3 percent or less THC
  • The product mustn’t be conceived from synthetically derived THC

That said, it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with your local laws and regulations regarding industrial hemp and hemp products. Following state laws will enable you to decide whether Delta 10 THC and many cannabinoids are legal where you live or not.

Can Delta-10 cause a positive on a drug test in subjects?

Yes. Research has shown that THC metabolites are detectable in subjects for up to 30 days. [R]

What Delta-10 products are available?

PureRawz sells Delta-10 gummies, vape cartridge pens, and tinctured flavors.

Where to Buy Delta-10 THC Online

PureRawz is the best place to buy premium Delta 10 THC online.

In order to be the best research chemicals supplier, we provide reference materials with every product we sell. Each of our products comes with an independent, third-party-issued Certificate of Analysis for identification, purity, and concentration.

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Delta-10 THC is a psychoactive compound derived from hemp and cannabis plants. It is thought to act on the cannabinoid receptor in the brain. However, due to a lack of research, many of the claims on the effects of Delta 10 THC are based on anecdotal evidence.

PureRawz sells Delta-10 THC for laboratory research use only.


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