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19-NOR-ANDRO Blend – Product Information

A cutting-edge experimental called the 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules is well known for its capacity to target hormone levels and promote the growth of lean muscle mass. This synthetic compound contains a potent androgen receptor agonist that closely replicates the effects of natural testosterone. By leveraging a unique delivery system, this compound has the potential to support various benefits associated with testosterone boosters, including increased strength, muscle growth, and improvement of natural testosterone levels.
This research chemical is not an approved prohormone or andro supplement. It should not be viewed as an approved dietary supplement, meaning you should only buy this product for laboratory and research purposes.

CAS Number 19289-77-1
Molar Mass 272.388 g/mol
Chemical Formula C18H24O2
IUPAC Name estr-5-ene-3,17-dione

What is 19 Nor Andro Blend?

The ongoing study of 19 Nor Andro Blend capsules focuses on their potential to increase lean muscle mass in mammals. This formulation combines anabolic hormones, natural compounds that support muscle growth, with powerful prohormones designed to elevate testosterone levels.

In contrast to anabolic steroids, which carry potential risks and side effects, the 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsule offers a plausible alternative with similar benefits. It is believed to deliver favorable outcomes, including more lean muscle mass, without the associated dangers for research subjects.

Furthermore, this research formulation includes estrogen blockers to counteract the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This feature aids in averting fat accumulation and excessive hair growth in clinical subjects.

Given its impressive capabilities, 19 Nor Andro Capsules have gained significant popularity among researchers as one of the leading prohormone andro compounds for research available today.

Possible Uses of 19 Nor Andro Blend

May Aid in Reducing Body Fat in Subjects

Containing estrogen blockers, 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules can help prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which can lead to undesirable body fat. [R]

May Enhance Strength and Performance

The testosterone-boosting effects of 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules have the potential to enhance strength and influence performance. In a small-scale study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, resistance-trained test subjects who took a beginner prohormone compound allegedly exhibited improved bench press and squat strength. [R]

May Boost Libido

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for sexual function, and the testosterone-boosting effects of 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules may contribute to increased libido in test subjects. [R]

Research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism demonstrated that testosterone replacement therapy might improve sexual function among mammals with low testosterone levels. [R]

May Accelerate Recovery Time

According to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, a prohormone compound was found to reduce muscle damage and inflammation following exercise. It allegedly offers specific benefits such as joint-pain aid. [R]

May Promote Lean Muscle Mass Gains

The anabolic hormones and potent prohormones found in 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules have demonstrated the ability to promote possible significant gains in lean muscle mass. [R]

According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, test subjects who used a prohormone compound experienced a notable increase in lean body mass compared to those who received a placebo. [R]

May Support Natural Androgenic Processes

The potent prohormones in 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules could support natural androgenic processes, making it a valuable aid for maintaining optimal testosterone levels. [R]

How Does 19 Nor Andro Blend Work?

The 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules are currently under investigation as a potential future dietary aid. It is believed that this compound holds promise in promoting the development of lean muscle mass and enhancing strength gains.

The mechanism of action of the 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules revolves around its active ingredients, which are hydrophobic compounds potentially absorbed by the body through the intestinal lymphatic route. Once absorbed, these compounds exert their potential effects on the central nervous system and various tissues within subjects.

Animal studies have indicated that 19-Nor-Androstenedione possesses both anabolic and androgenic properties. It aids in increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscles, ultimately leading to elevated lean muscle mass and improved strength.

In summary, the mechanism of action of the 19 Nor Andro Blend Capsules involves their ability to potentially stimulate muscle growth and enhance strength gains while minimizing the risks of liver toxicity and estrogen-related side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes 19 Nor Andro from 19 Andro?

The primary distinction between 19 Nor Andro and 19 Andro lies in the presence or absence of a methyl group at the 19th carbon position within their chemical structures. This methyl group is absent in 19-nor-androstenedione (19 Nor Andro), but present in 19-androstenedione (19 Andro).

This seemingly small structural difference holds significant implications for the effects of these compounds. 19 Andro is known to exert a more potent androgenic impact, leading to gains in lean muscle mass and strength.

On the other hand, 19 Nor Andro is regarded as a milder prohormone, exhibiting fewer androgenic effects while still promoting strength gains. It may also offer potential benefits for joint pain and recovery from injuries or inflammation.

In summary, although both 19 Andro and 19 Nor Andro are prohormones that can contribute to possible increased muscle mass and strength, 19 Andro is generally considered to be more potent and potentially more prone to side effects. In contrast, 19 Nor Andro is milder and may provide additional advantages for joint health.

Where Can You Buy 19 Nor Andro Blend Online

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5 reviews for 19-NOR-ANDRO Blend

  1. David Ramirez

    The best brand that I’ve tried. Product was as expected, good quality.

  2. Freddie Erickson

    After I took this product, I was stronger on all lifts almost immediately. I’m 55, 6’3″, 260 lbs with many years of lifting experience. Very satisfied!

  3. Davide

    Being as a sportsman i used it to enhance my athletic performance.

  4. Vernon

    Helps build muscle.

  5. Michael Zeller

    Great stuff A+++

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