Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper


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PureRawz Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

Material: Amber Glass Bottle

Bottle Style: Dropper Bottles

Capacity: 30ml and 60ml options

Type of dropper: Glass dropper

What is an Amber Glass Bottle?

Amber bottles are brown glass bottles with a history from ancient civilizations. Glassmaking originated in Mesopotamia around 3500 BCE and spread to Egypt by approximately 1500 BCE [R]. The Romans improved glassblowing in the 1st century BCE, enabling widespread use of glass containers. Early glassmakers employed natural imperfections, but Middle Ages glassmakers added iron and sulfur oxides to make amber.

An example demonstrated how amber bottles are protective. A brewer experienced issues with a brand-new, not returnable amber beer bottle one winter. The brewer reported light-struck beer despite the bottle’s color, wall thickness, and tank origin. The light sensitivity of beer was shown by this incident, which led the U.S. Brewers Association to mandate the use of amber bottles. According to these requirements, amber glass must protect light-sensitive materials like beer from light with a wavelength greater than 390 nm. [R]

Amber glass bottles were widely utilized in the pharmaceutical sector in the 19th century to preserve light-sensitive contents since they block UV and blue light. The mass production of amber glass throughout the Industrial Revolution increased its consistency and quality. Amber glass bottles are used in the essential oil, food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. These bottles protect liquids, essential oils, and light-sensitive medications.

How do Amber Glass Bottles Protect and Preserve Liquid Contents?

Amber glass bottles play a critical role in inhibiting the oxidation processes initiated by light in a wide range of liquid substances, including beverages and chemicals such as wine and beer. These substances are readily degraded and light-sensitive due to pigments and highly oxidizable compounds. When incorporated into bottle packaging, Amber colorants exhibit a higher degree of efficacy in blocking visible light quantities than green bottles, which predominantly filter UV rays. By effectively impeding light, which aids in the reduction of photosensitization reactions, the container’s internal liquid contents remain stable and of high quality. Likewise, in the absence of additional oxygen barrier measures, opaque packaging is frequently utilized for dairy products and other items containing oxidizable compounds (e.g., vitamins A and B2) to prevent light exposure and subsequent degradation. [R]

Advantages of Dropper Bottles

Prevents Contamination

Using a dropper instead of opening and closing the bottle often lowers the chance of contaminating the contents. Also, for printed graduations used on droppers, there is a chance that the ink will come into contact with the liquid, which can make it less pure and less effective. This is why Purerawz remains ungraduated to avoid contamination of the liquid contents inside.

Minimize Spillage

Droppers make it easier to move liquids precisely, which cuts down on waste and spillage by a significant amount. This is very helpful when working with small amounts of expensive chemicals.

Dosing Consistency

A dropper generally dispenses a relatively consistent volume per drop or full dropper, even without graduation marks. Users can achieve relative dosing consistency by establishing a routine in which they anticipate taking roughly the same amount each time.

Advantages of using Amber bottles vs Clear bottles

Protection against ascorbic acid and riboflavin breakdown

An investigation comparing different varieties of paper and glass bottles subjected to sunlight revealed that amber bottles offered significant resistance to ascorbic acid and riboflavin deterioration. According to the study, Amber and ruby glass bottles provided the most effective protection. Paper and clear glass bottles ranked subsequently. More precisely, after a two-hour irradiation period, riboflavin remained unaffected in the amber and ruby bottles, with a mere 3% depletion observed in the paper bottles; in contrast, the clear glass bottles exhibited a 60-80% degradation. [R]

Prevents aroma-related changes and oxidized odor

The chemical composition and sensory attributes of Meili rose wine were examined in a study to determine the effect of bottle color under continuous illumination for 160 days. Light exposure was discovered to alter essential components significantly, influencing color change and aroma. Amber bottles provided the best protection against light exposure, followed by green and flint bottles. Both UV and white fluorescent light negatively affected wine quality, emphasizing the importance of bottle color in preserving wine quality during storage. [R]

Preserves quality of unsaturated fatty acid-rich oils

Researchers assessed the influence of storage conditions on garden cress seed oil (GCO) stability, specifically emphasizing amber-colored glass (AGL) bottles. Regardless of storage temperature, the results indicated that GCO stored in amber bottles exhibited more excellent stability than in transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. GCO stored in amber bottles exhibited consistently lower peroxide and acid values and higher iodine values over ninety days. This finding underscores the efficacy of amber tincture bottles to protect the quality of oils abundant in unsaturated fatty acids. [R]


What is the proper way to preserve an amber glass bottle with a dropper?

Verify that the contents of your amber glass bottles are compatible with the rubber dropper and glass materials to avoid damaging them. Certain compounds may undergo chemical reactions with the contents, resulting in contamination or degradation. To mitigate the risk of moisture and air entering the container and compromising its contents, ensure that the dropper and cap are consistently sealed. To avoid cross-contamination, refrain from utilizing the same pipette for different chemicals. Additionally, ensure that no liquid enters the rubber aspirator; extended exposure to the liquid may result in rubber degradation and liquid contamination.

Where to Buy the Best Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper Online?

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