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Cotton Seed Oil – Product Information

Our Cotton Seed Oil, meeting the stringent criteria of Cotton Seed USP/NF Grade, signifies its adherence to the highest purity and quality standards established by the United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary. This designation ensures that our cottonseed oil is not only suitable but excels in pharmaceutical and related applications where premium quality and unwavering consistency are paramount. Rigorously processed, our Cotton Seed Oil attains sterility and injection-grade quality, reaffirming our commitment to excellence.

Cottonseed oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium hirsutum). It is one of the most commonly used cooking oils in many parts of the world due to its neutral flavor, high smoke point, and versatility in various culinary applications.

Cotton Seed USP/NF Grade refers to a specific quality standard for cottonseed oil set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the National Formulary (NF). The USP is a recognized authority that establishes quality standards for pharmaceuticals and related products in the United States. The NF is a companion publication that provides additional standards for various substances used in healthcare.


What are Cotton Seed Oils?

Cotton seed oil can have many applications as a carrier oil in various applications, including in the field of research chemicals. A carrier oil is an inert substance used to dissolve or dilute compounds for easier and more controlled handling or administration in research studies.

In the context of carrier oil, cottonseed oil refers to the use of cottonseed-derived oil as a medium for diluting, dissolving, or delivering other substances, typically in various applications such as aromatherapy, cosmetics, skincare, and natural remedies. Carrier oils are often used to dilute essential oils or other concentrated substances, making them safe for topical application to subjects or for other purposes.

Purerawz sells Cotton Seed Oil For Research Purposes only.

How Does Cotton Seed Oil Work?

Cottonseed oil, in the context of carrier oil, works by serving as a medium or base for diluting, blending, and delivering other substances, such as essential oils or active ingredients in various applications.

Cottonseed oil, while primarily known for its culinary and industrial uses, has limited research applications, especially in the context of materials science and biotechnology. Researchers have explored some potential applications of cottonseed oil in these fields:

Research Applications of Cotton Seed Oils

Biodegradable Plastics

Cottonseed oil has been investigated as a potential feedstock for the production of biodegradable plastics. Researchers have explored its use in polymer blends and formulations to create environmentally friendly plastics with improved biodegradability. [R]


Some studies have looked into using cottonseed oil as a base oil for biodegradable lubricants. These lubricants are of interest in applications where conventional petroleum-based lubricants may be harmful to the environment. [R]

Biodiesel Production

Cottonseed oil is one of the feedstocks considered for biodiesel production. Biodiesel is a renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel fuel. Researchers have studied the feasibility of using cottonseed oil as a source for biodiesel production. [R]


Cottonseed oil has been used as a carrier oil in some pharmaceutical formulations, particularly in the development of oral liquid medications. Its compatibility with certain compounds and its ability to improve compound solubility and absorption have been subjects of research. [R]

Cosmetic and Skincare Products

Researchers in the cosmetic industry have explored the use of cottonseed oil in the formulation of skincare products. Its moisturizing and emollient properties make it a potential ingredient in cosmetics and lotions. [R]

Medicinal Uses

Some studies have investigated the potential medicinal properties of cottonseed oil and its bioactive components, including antioxidants. These studies explore its potential health benefits when potentially consumed as part of the diet. [R]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cottonseed oil?

Cottonseed oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium hirsutum). It is one of the most commonly used cooking oils and is also used in various industrial applications.

What is the nutritional profile of cottonseed oil?

Cottonseed oil is low in saturated fat and contains a combination of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. It also contains vitamin E and other antioxidants.

What is the smoke point of cottonseed oil?

Cottonseed oil has a relatively high smoke point, typically around 420-450 degrees Fahrenheit (215-232 degrees Celsius).

Does cottonseed oil contain allergens?

Cottonseed oil is generally not considered an allergenic food. However, individuals with allergies should always check product labels for potential allergen cross-contamination.


Overall, cottonseed oil functions as a versatile carrier oil that plays a crucial role in various industries, including aromatherapy, cosmetics, skincare, and natural remedies. Its neutral scent and properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications where dilution, blending, and safe delivery of active ingredients are essential.

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