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Livagen – Product Information

What is Livagen?

Livagen (Lys-Glu-Asp-Ala) is a peptide bioregulator research compound. Livagen is a synthetic tetrapeptide developed at the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology. It was designed based on liver polypeptides to serve as a bioregulator with minimal side effects. Livagen may enhance protein synthesis in liver cells, especially in older animals, bringing their activity levels closer to those of younger animals. It also helps restore the circahoral rhythm of biosynthesis disrupted by aging. By inhibiting enkephalin-degrading enzymes, Livagen supports the endogenous opioid system, which is crucial for maintaining various physiological functions and stress tolerance. [R]

CAS Number 195875-84-4
Molar Mass 461.5 g/mol
Chemical Formula C18H31N5O
IUPAC Name Lys-Glu-Asp-Ala

How does Livagen work?

A study published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine examined the effects of Livagen on chromatin activation in lymphocytes obtained from test subjects aged 75 to 88 years. The process by which Livagen works involves the deheterochromatinization of chromatin in test subjects’ aged cells. This process suggests that Livagen may potentially rejuvenate cellular function by enhancing gene expression and improving the overall activity of aged cells, which may have broad implications for maintaining health and function in the aging population. Results indicated that Livagen induced the activation (deheterochromatinization) of chromatin in these cells, suggesting a potential mechanism for rejuvenating cellular function.[R]

The endogenous opioid system (EOS), which is essential for preserving homeostasis in a number of physiological functions, including pain sensitivity, emotional stability, learning, memory, hormone secretion, and the operations of the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems, is directly supported by Livagen’s mechanism as an inhibitor of enkephalin-degrading enzymes. The action of opioid peptides is preserved by Livagen’s capacity to inhibit enkephalin-degrading enzymes, which potentially supports the role of the EOS in these essential processes. Livagen may amplify the positive effects of opioid peptides, including better pain management, emotional stability, and stress resilience, by inhibiting their breakdown. In elderly people, where the normal decrease in regulatory peptide activity can cause a variety of age-related dysfunctions, its maintenance is particularly crucial. Therefore, Livagen’s method may potentially promote general health and stress tolerance while also aiding in the preservation of homeostasis and reducing the negative effects of aging on the EOS and other physiological systems. [R]

Livagen Research

Numerous studies have been conducted on the potential application of Livagen. Below are some of the relevant findings on livagen peptide benefits:

Livagen’s Anti-Aging Potential

The possibility that Livagen has anti-aging qualities is one of the most interesting areas of study. Chromosomal abnormalities and chromatin condensation can cause gene deactivation and hinder the processes involved in cellular repair as animals age. According to Lezhava, Livagen, and other bioregulatory peptides may cause chromatin decondensation, which could activate suppressed genes and lengthen cell life. Livagen may lessen aging-related cellular dysfunction by preventing chromatin compaction brought on by aging.[R]

Livagen’s on the Endogenous Opioid System

Livagen has been studied for its interactions with the endogenous opioid system/ A study examined Livagen and Epitalon’s ability to potentially influence enkephalin-degrading enzymes and interact with opioid receptors. Researchers discovered that both Livagen and Epitalon effectively inhibited these enzymes in human serum, with Livagen proving more efficient than well-known inhibitors. However, neither peptide directly interacted with mu or delta opioid receptors in rat brain samples. This suggests Livagen’s potential impact on pain management may be through increasing endogenous opioid peptide levels by inhibiting degradation, rather than receptor binding. [R]

Livagen’s Potential Gastrointestinal Implications

The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is another area where Livagen’s actions have been investigated. Early studies have indicated that livagen’s resistance to hydrolysis and its ability to modulate digestive enzyme activity in an age-dependent manner in rats highlight its potential as a therapeutic agent for maintaining and restoring healthy digestive function across different age groups. [R]

These mechanisms collectively contribute to gastroprotection that could potentially mitigate the symptoms and long-term consequences of conditions such as infectious diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease. By enhancing the activation of delta opioid receptors through increased enkephalin levels, Livagen may offer a novel approach to supporting gastrointestinal health.

Livagen’s Influence on Pain Perception

It has been demonstrated that Livagen inhibits the blood’s enkephalin-degrading enzyme activity, potentially increasing levels of these natural pain-relieving substances. Enkephalins are natural peptides that interact with mu and delta opioid receptors, influencing pain signaling. Activation of mu receptors can reduce pain, blood pressure, and consciousness, while delta receptor activation decreases pain perception (Kost et al., 2003). Although further research is required to comprehend this mechanism fully, it indicates that Livagen could be beneficial as a supplementary approach to pain management strategies. [R]

Potential Cardioprotective Properties

Another field that has been investigated about Livagen’s activities is cardiovascular health. Abnormalities in chromatin structure have been proposed as a possible cause of certain diseases including HCM and atherosclerosis. Scientists suggested that Livagen can help restore the normal levels of the genomic markers implicated in these diseases by changing the chromatin structure. [R]

Thus, Livagen may help to decrease inflammation and fibrosis, which are the main outcomes of heart diseases and their long-term effects on the organism. This is further supported by studies that have revealed the ability of peptides with cobalt ions to potentially protect the lymphocytes of the HCM patients and their first-degree relatives and open the possibility of therapeutic approaches.[R]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Epithalon and Livagen differ?

Livagen and Epithalon are both peptides with distinct origins and mechanisms of action. However, they are frequently compared due to their shared emphasis on the promotion of health and anti-aging effects. The primary objective of epithalon derived from the pineal gland is to regulate endocrine function and maintain telomeres. This has the potential to reduce cellular senescence and enhance overall vitality. In contrast, Livagen, which is derived from the liver, is focused on metabolic regulation and cell repair. It is capable of supporting cardiovascular safety, pain relief, digestive health, and anti-aging.

Is Livagen safe?

Beyond the previously noted possible advantages of Livagen as demonstrated by research studies. The possible long-term implications of using Livagen are still unknown, in addition to the lack of reliable evidence of immediate benefits. Purerawz sells Livagen for research purposes only.

Where to Buy Livagen Online?

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Overall Livagen (Lys-Glu-Asp-Ala) is a synthetic tetrapeptide derived from liver polypeptides that was designed to function as a bioregulator with minimal side effects. It improves liver cell synthesis of proteins, especially in elderly mice, and repairs aging-related disruptions to biosynthesis rhythms. Livagen may help sustain pain sensitivity, mental stability, and stress resilience by blocking enkephalin-degrading enzymes, which promote the endogenous opioid system (EOS). Based on existing research, Livagen has the potential to improve total cellular activity by upregulating gene expression in aged cells, hence rejuvenating cellular function. Benefits against aging, pain relief, digestive health, and cardiovascular safety are just a few of its possible uses.


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