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PE-22-28 – Product Information

PE-22-28 is a synthetic derivative of a naturally occurring peptide Spadin. This chemical binds to TREK-1. TREK-1, commonly found in the brain, may even be present in the heart, smooth muscle tissue, lungs, the prostate, and certain parts of the pancreas. TREK-1 is typically located in brain-controlling mood regions.

PE-22-28 is being studied for its ability to address mental health. This synthetic chemical compound may provide antidepressant activity, learning, and stroke recovery. Small-scale studies even suggest that PE-22-28 could be a future treatment for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

  • PE-22-28 is offered as 8mg lyophilized powder.
  • In the context of research, it is advisable to opt for bacteriostatic water when reconstituting substances rather than sterile water.

Because PE-22-28 is an experimental peptide, it is unsafe for human consumption. Buy PE-22-28 for research purposes only.

CAS Number 218949-48-5
Molar Mass 2012.3 g/mol
Chemical Formula C96H142N26O22
IUPAC Name L-tyrosyl-L-alanyl-L-prolyl-L-leucyl-L-prolyl-L-arginyl-L-tryptophyl-L-seryl-glycyl-L-prolyl-L-isoleucyl-glycyl-L-valyl-L-seryl-L-tryptophyl-glycyl-L-leucyl-L-arginine

What is PE-22-28?

The synthetic protein PE-22-28 is a derivative of the naturally occurring protein Spadin.

It is a TREK-1 receptor antagonist, a two-pore potassium channel identified as a potential target in the therapy of depression, and a potential neurogenic regulator. TREK-1 receptor deletion makes mice immune to depression, according to preliminary research. Similarly, sortilin therapy increases resilience to depression and increases the development of neurons as well as synaptic linkages between neurons. [R]

Even more, mice treated with PE-22-28 are allegedly capable of demonstrating more resistance against developing generalized seizures. This particular aspect of PE-22-28 makes it a potential peptide for speeding up neurogenesis in the hippocampus. [R]

Sortilin, a protein abundant in the body’s central nervous system, is the source of the natural peptide known as Spadin. Spadin itself is less effective than shorter analogous versions in treating depression. One such shortened peptide derivative of this protein is known as PE-22-28, which, like Spadin, is known to act on the TREK-1 receptor to produce its effects.

Possible Applications of PE-22-28?

PE-22-28 may promote muscle relaxation

Some research suggests that TREK-1 plays a vital role in muscle’s ability to respond to mechanical stimulation. TREK-1 blockade, in particular, appears to increase muscle contractility, whereas channel activation appears to promote muscle relaxation. [R]

Understanding the function of molecules like PE-22-28 in muscle contraction and relaxation may lead to new treatment modalities for patients suffering from ailments like myogenic bladder dysfunction as well as new avenues for research into the physiology of muscle performance. [R]

However, it is important to note that certain aspects of the studies regarding muscle relaxation are still in their early stages. More research is needed.

PE-22-28 may help treat depression

Although the neurobiological mechanisms of depression are not fully understood, evidence suggests that monoamine neurotransmitter balance plays a role. Spadin was described as a natural peptide with AD properties eight years ago.

This 17-amino acid peptide inhibits TREK-1 channels, initially identified as a target in depression. [R] [R] [R]

Compared to traditional anti-drugs for Alzheimer’s, such as fluoxetine, which takes 3-4 weeks for the antidepressant effect to manifest, spadin acts quickly after only four days of antidepressant treatment. Increased neurogenesis and synaptogenesis in the brain are associated with antidepressant properties. [R] [R] [R]

PE-22-28’s effect on depression is still inconclusive, meaning it is not as efficient as with the antidepressant medications we have today. In-depth studies are still required.

PE-22-28 may reverse post-stroke depression

Post-stroke depression (PSD) is the most common mood disorder following a stroke, and it has a high impact on patient outcomes and survival. The TREK-1 channel plays a vital role in the pathogenesis of stroke and depression. Spadin and its short analog mini-spadin have been shown to have powerful antidepressant properties. [R]

Mini-beneficial spadin’s effects against stroke and PSD were aided by increased neurogenesis and synaptogenesis. One clinical trial found evidence that mini-modulation spadin’s of TREK-1 channels in the early and chronic phases of the stroke and stimulation of brain plasticity could play a key role in its brain-protective effects against stroke and its deleterious consequences like PSD. [R]

Although chronic treatment with PE-22-28 could yield such promising outcomes, there is still insufficient data to prove this.

PE-22-28 may treat neurodegenerative diseases

It has been demonstrated that KA and pentylenetetrazol-induced epileptic seizures are more likely to occur in TREK-1 deficient mice. When administered to mice, the TREK-1 antagonist spadin does not worsen the seizures by KA or PTZ.

What’s more intriguing is that mice treated with spadin exhibit greater resistance to induce death and the onset of generalized convulsions. [R]

PE-22-28 is not a prescribed medical treatment for neurodegenerative illnesses. There are still more research studies needed for PE-22-28.

How Does PE-22-28 Work?

The TREK-1 (TWIK-related potassium channel) receptor is a two-pore potassium channel that has recently been identified as a potential target for depression treatment. In 2010, researchers discovered that removing TREK-1 receptors from mice made them more resistant to depression.

The TREK-1 receptor is primarily found in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus of the human brain, which governs mood, memory, and learning. Stimulating the TREK-1 receptor reduces neuron excitability, whereas decreasing receptor activity increases neuron excitability.

While this receptor is primarily used in the study of antidepressant development, it also plays a vital role in anesthesia, pain perception, and neuroprotection.

Spadin inhibits the TREK-1 channel and has antidepressant properties; however, this effect wears off after 7 hours. PE-22-28, like spadin, binds to the TREK-1 channel and blocks its activity, resulting in mind stability and mood enhancement effects far more promising than spadin alone. PE-22-28 effects can last up to 23 hours, compared to 7 hours for spadin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PE-22-28 safe?

Studying the efficacy of using PE-22-28 is still ongoing. More research studies are needed to determine its complete mechanism of action. PE-22-28 is still unsafe for human consumption.

What is TREK-1?

TREK-1 is a two-pore-domain potassium channel found throughout the central nervous system. Polyunsaturated fatty acids and lysophospholipids open it. Neurotransmitters that raise intracellular cAMP and those that activate the Gq protein pathway reduce it.

Where can you buy PE-22-28?

PureRawz is the best place to buy the highest-quality PE-22-28. We also offer other research chemicals such as Sarms, peptides, and nootropics that you may use for your scientific studies.

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