Sterile Oil

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Sterile Oil – Product Details

Sterile oil, within the pharmaceutical and medical domain, denotes an oil type that has undergone a rigorous sterilization process to guarantee its freedom from living microorganisms, encompassing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Widely employed across various medical and healthcare settings, particularly in pharmaceutical formulations, injections, and medical devices, sterile oils play a pivotal role.

The sterilization procedures typically encompass techniques such as autoclaving, filtration, or irradiation, aiming to eradicate or diminish the microbial presence in the oil. This meticulous process ensures that the sterile oil aligns with stringent quality and safety standards for medical applications. The selection of sterile oil hinges on the specific medical context, with common types encompassing mineral oil, vegetable oil, or synthetic oils.

In pharmaceutical formulations, sterile oils find utility as vehicle or carrier oils for certain drug compositions, notably in injectable medications where maintaining sterility is paramount to prevent infections. Moreover, sterile oils serve practical purposes in medical procedures, serving as lubricants for medical devices or as foundational components for compounded medications.

Sterile Oil
CAS Number 8042-47-5
Molar Mass 933.4g/mol
Chemical Formula

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