White Spectrum Kratom


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White Spectrum Kratom – Product Information

White Spectrum Kratom is a variety of Kratom that is known for its unique properties and characteristics. It belongs to the Kratom family, which is native to Southeast Asia. White Spectrum Kratom leaves typically have a white or light-colored vein running down the center, which sets them apart from other Kratom strains.

Even though White Spectrum Kratom has alleged health benefits, it is still considered an experimental plant extract. We do not recommend it is safe for human consumption. Purchase White Spectrum Kratom for research purposes only.

White Spectrum Kratom Mix
CAS Number 4098-40-2
Molar Mass 398,4953 g/mol
Chemical Formula C23H30N2O4
IUPAC Name methyl 2-(3-ethyl-8-methoxy-1,2,3,4,6,7,12,12b-octahydroindolo[2,3-a]quinolizin-2-yl)-3-methoxyprop-2-enoate

What is White Spectrum Kratom?

The White Spectrum Kratom Mix carries a rich heritage steeped in ancient traditions. Indigenous cultures in Southeast Asia, deeply connected to nature, have long held a profound understanding of the kratom plant’s remarkable potential qualities.

The realm of exploration beckons to those curious minds in the field of research. Initial inquiries have commenced the unveiling of the distinct biochemical constituents residing within these white vein kratom strains. These revelations provide valuable insights into how these compounds could potentially interact with the intricate mechanisms of the human body. The potential for these alkaloids to engage with receptors responsible for mood regulation and cognitive function opens a doorway to holistic well-being. (R)

Our blend comprises a harmonious fusion of White Sudanese, White Maengda, Super White, White Bali, White Kaltim, White Borneo, and White Sumatra strains. Together, they create a balanced amalgamation that encapsulates a spectrum of potential research effects.

Possible Applications of White Spectrum Kratom

White Spectrum Kratom and Mood Enhancement

A sizable proportion of kratom researchers say they study it to improve mood or manage symptoms associated with a mental health diagnosis. In the largest scale survey in Southeast Asia, many researchers reported kratom may have the potential to aid in feeling better and coping with problems. [R]

Despite the promising quality, this kratom powder still needs further research.

White Spectrum Kratom and Pain Relief

The Pain News Network survey from 2017 asked participants about the types of pain relief they experienced from kratom. Back/spine pain was the most prevalent, followed by recent injury pain, fibromyalgia, migraine or headache, and rheumatoid arthritis. [R]

A randomized, placebo-controlled, and double-blind experiment examined the effects of kratom on pain tolerance. Participants received a randomized sequence of kratom and placebo decoctions during a one-day inpatient stay that was matched for taste and appearance. In a cold pressor task (CPT), the amount of time (in seconds) between the onset of pain and the removal of the hand from the ice bath, served as an objective measure of pain tolerance. [R]

Additionally assessed were health status, vital signs, objective and subjective indicators of withdrawal symptoms, self-reported information on lifetime kratom use patterns, and assessments of the blinding procedures. [R]

The result showed that kratom decoction significantly and statistically increased pain tolerance. [R]

Keep in mind that the safety profile of white spectrum kratom is relatively unclear since it lacks well-designed clinical studies. The advantage mentioned above is not definitive.


Is White Spectrum Kratom safe?

In addition to a lack of consistent evidence of direct benefits, the potential long-term effects of using White Spectrum Kratom daily are also unknown. Purerawz sells White Spectrum Kratom for research purposes(lab supply) only.

Where to Buy White Spectrum Kratom Online

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