Bemethyl (Bemetil)

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Bemethyl (Bemetil) – Product Information

Bemethyl, or bemitil in other writings, refers to a human-manufactured actoprotector recognized as a nootropic regenerative antihypoxic antioxidant.

This chemical is resistant to metabolization and has a long half-life, accumulating in tissues throughout treatment. Long-term administration of Bemethyl to rats resulted in a 1.38-fold increase in drug concentration in the brain and a 1.68-fold increase in drug concentration in the skeletal muscles.

The powder’s chemical structure is similar to the nucleobases adenine and guanine, which may explain its pharmacological effects. Bemethyl for sale is being studied for its mechanisms of action, one of which is its ability to increase the body’s resistance against certain extreme factors.

Purerawz sells Bemethyl for research purposes only because this compound is inadvisable for human consumption.

CAS Number 14610-11-8
Molar Mass 259.17 g/mol
Chemical Formula C9H11BrN2S
IUPAC Name 2-Ethylsulfanyl-1’H-benzimidazole

What is Bemethyl?

Bemethyl is a nootropic discovered in the 1970s in the Soviet Union. The compound is a synthetic actoprotector known for its pronounced antioxidant effect. It even possesses adaptogenic benefits that allow for efficient responses to external stressors.

This chemical formula is considered an alternative to the nootropic Bromantane. Based on certain studies, the pronounced effect persists for up to four to six hours, and its maximum effect develops after one to three hours.

Actoprotectors are synthetic adaptogens best known for stabilizing physiological functioning without generating excessive heat or oxygen consumption. However, animal studies have revealed that actoprotectors are most effective in subjects with low to medium resistance to extreme conditions.

Actoprotectors provide additional benefits, such as reduced ischemia due to improved protein synthesis and natural healing and strengthening properties.

Actoprotectors have been shown to have stimulatory effects; however, their mechanisms differ from those of traditional psychostimulants like modafinil and adrafinil. Actoprotectors, as previously stated, do not result in increased oxygen consumption or heat production.

The most notable distinction between the two groups is that actoprotectors’ stimulatory effects do not require exhaustive measures, as they do with psychostimulants.

Possible Applications of Bemethyl

Bemethyl as Actoprotector

Bemethyl benefits research has emphasized the compound’s ability to improve physical performance. Several experiments on mice and rats show that the administration of Bemethyl results in increased work capacity and accelerates recovery processes under exhausting loads. [R]

Mice treated with Bemethyl had a 33% increase in maximal work volume and a 60% increase in resistance to tiredness. This led researchers to conclude that the compound’s stimulatory effects occur primarily during the tiredness phase of physical work. [R]

More research is needed for this ability of the chemical.

Bemethyl as Anti-Hypoxant

Bemethyl’s mechanism of action involves activation of the cell genome and positive modulation of protein synthesis in the body. [R]

It causes a rapid increase in ribonucleic acid (RNA) and protein synthesis in various organs and tissues. Bemethyl is an anti-asthenic agent that has the potential to address neuroses, organic brain lesions of traumatic and infectious origin with asthenic symptoms, and myopathies. It may even treat ischemic heart disease, radiation sickness, infectious diseases, and cardiac surgery. [R]

Bemethyl was suggested as an antihypoxant and adaptogen for the treatment of conditions caused by extreme factors pertaining to physical and mental stress. [R]

Further investigative research is necessary to support this particular benefit of bemethyl.

Bemethyl as Anti-Mutagenic

Bemethyl was shown in one study to prevent the mutagenic effect of white asbestos in mice and cultured human whole blood. [R]

Bemethyl was shown in a mouse study to reduce mutation caused by certain mutagenic drugs. [R]

Another study using human donor cells found Bemethyl to be anticlastogenic (able to minimize chromosome breakages). [R]

Large-scale studies are still conducted for this feature of bemethyl.

How Does Bemethyl Work?

Research shows that Bemethyl is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and metabolized in the liver of research subjects.

Bemethyl’s pharmacological effects are mainly due to structural similarities to the nucleotide bases guanine and adenine. This promotes increased RNA and protein expression in the skeletal muscles and brain. Initially, Bemethyl was tested on animals to see how the compound affected physical performance.

It causes the synthesis of RNA and then proteins, including enzymes and immune system proteins. It causes the synthesis of gluconeogenesis enzymes to be activated; it ensures lactate utilization (the limiting factor for performance) and carbohydrate resynthesis (a source of energy that increases physical stamina).

Increased synthesis of mitochondrial enzymes and structural proteins increases energy production and maintains a high degree of oxidation-phosphorylation conjugation.

Bemethyl’s anti-hypoxic and anti-ischemic activity keeps ATP synthesis high even when oxygen levels are low. The chemical increases the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes and thus has significant antioxidant activity.

Bemethyl for sale is believed to pass the blood-brain barrier, which eventually prevents oxygen deficiency. This feature is vital in ischemic heart disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Actoprotector?

Actoprotectors are compounds that improve physiological stability in the face of physical forces while consuming less oxygen and producing less heat.

Actoprotectors, in other words, are synthetic adaptogens with a high capacity to improve physical performance.

Where can you buy Bemethyl?

PureRawz is the best place to buy the highest-quality Bemethyl online.

Our store also sells other experimental chemicals such as peptides and nootropics.

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