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Copper Peptide – Product Information

Copper peptides are compounds composed of small protein fragments bound to copper ions. These peptides are frequently incorporated into skincare research due to their potential anti-aging properties.

In the context of research, it is advisable to opt for bacteriostatic water when reconstituting substances rather than sterile water.

Copper Peptide
CAS Number 89030-95-5
Molar Mass 340.38 g/mol
Chemical Formula C14H24N6O4
IUPAC Name (2S)-6-amino-2-[[2-[(2-aminoacetyl)amino]-3-(1H-imidazol-5-yl)propanoyl]amino]hexanoic acid


What is Copper Peptide?

The body naturally produces copper and amino acids that combine to form a copper peptide. The chemical, also referred to as GHK-Cu peptide, is a naturally-occurring peptide produced by the human body when it is healing.

In addition to acting as antioxidants, GHK-Cu is thought to influence the stimulation of collagen synthesis and elastin production, which can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Copper peptide supplements are known for their capability to promote healthy skin tone since this chemical affects the skin cells.

Copper peptide production declines with age, and skin and hair cells spend less time in a continuous healing state.

Copper peptides can allegedly provide other potential benefits besides promoting skin care through improved circulation in the blood vessels. The peptides are allegedly capable of addressing cancer and muscle growth.

This treatment is unsafe for human consumption despite copper peptides’ purported health benefits. We suggest that you buy our GHK-Cu products for research use only. Qualified professionals in the field of research must purchase this product.

Potential Applications of Copper Peptide

Copper Peptide and Skin Health

Clinical evidence supports the possible application of copper peptides for skin care. Below are the clinical results and alleged benefits of GHK-Cu in treating the skin.

  1. GHK-Cu may reduce wrinkles: A 2015 study on copper peptides revealed that boosting collagen proteins can aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen may eventually help to “plump up” human skin, which could lessen the visibility of wrinkles. [R]
  2. GHK-Cu may result in firmer skin: According to a research review, copper peptides (in the form of cream) are also thought to help boost elastin proteins. This is in addition to increased collagen production of the chemical under consideration. Such a feature might be crucial to getting firmer, more even skin. [R]
  3. GHK-Cu may even skin tone: Due to their potential to repair and even out the tone or texture of the skin, GHK-Cu differs from other types of peptides. It is thought that copper peptides may possibly add new connective tissues to the skin while also removing damaged ones. [R]
  4. GHK-Cu may offer antioxidant effects: Additionally, copper peptides could help in reducing inflammation and act as a protective antioxidant on the skin. The risk of infections has also been shown to be reduced by GHK-Cu. [R]

Copper Peptide and Hair Care

In addition to its cosmetic effects, GHK-Cu formulations could influence hair’s well-being.

  1. GHK-Cu may help improve blood flow: According to a 2018 study, a group of researchers discovered that GHK-Cu could aid in boosting skin blood flow. It has been claimed that copper can support blood vessels’ preservation. [R]
  2. GHK-Cu may help maintain hair color: Melanin, the stored naturally occurring dark pigment that gives the skin, hair, and eyes their color, needs copper to function properly. Tyrosinase is necessary for melanocytes to produce melanin, and copper is the catalyst for this enzymatic reaction. A study that was presented in a scientific journal in 2012 demonstrated the connection between a lack of this mineral and graying hair. [R]
  3. GHK-Cu may help with hair loss: According to a long-ago in vitro study, one potential advantage of copper peptides is their capacity to lengthen the hair growth cycle. The results indicate that GHK-Cu may stop hair loss by possibly thickening existing strands. [R]

Copper Peptide and Cancer

Theoretically, a copper-binding peptide (Gly-His-Lys) with copper 2+ would oxidize ascorbic acid and eradicate cancer cells. It was successful in cell culture. The system effectively slowed the development of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells when applied to mice. [R]

The copper peptide did not significantly oxidize the ascorbic acid in the mice. The study team concluded that the GHK-Cu, not an interaction with ascorbic acid, was responsible for the anti-cancer effects.

Nevertheless, the GHK-Cu cannot be used as a cure for cancer, based on the mentioned research.

Copper Peptide and Muscle Growth

GHK-Cu may help promote muscle growth among test subjects because it plays a role in the body’s capacity to repair itself.

This property of GHK-Cu, as angiogenic, which aids in the formation of blood vessels and enhances blood flow, may support the growth of muscles. [R]

How Does Copper Peptide Work?

According to our current understanding, the human peptide GHK has a variety of biological effects, all of which seem to be beneficial for health. It promotes the health of blood vessels and nerve outgrowth. This chemical also boosts collagen and elastin production and supports dermal fibroblast activity.

Under the epidermis or top layer of skin, copper peptides can exert their effects. This explains how peptides can assist in the production of elastin in collagen found deep within skin tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Copper Peptide safe?

The FDA disapproves of using GHK-Cu for human consumption since it still needs large-scale laboratory studies. We advise our customers to buy this formulation for the intended research of the product.

For safety, synthetic copper peptides should be stored in a clean and dry place.

Why is Copper Peptide known as GHK-Cu?

Glycyl histidyl lysine (GHK) is a type of peptide that is easily able to bind with copper enzymes. This combination is known as GHK-Cu because the periodic table’s symbol for copper is Cu.

Where can you buy Copper Peptides?

PureRawz is the best online store to buy copper peptides.

PureRawz offers other useful peptides that could cater to your research needs.

We provide reference materials with every product we sell to be the best supplier of research chemicals. Our products are all accompanied by an independent, third-party Certificate of Analysis for identification, purity, and concentration.

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