DHM (Dihydromyricetin)

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DHM (Dihydromyricetin) – Product Information

Dihydromyricetin, also known as DHM or Ampelopsin, is a relatively new experimental compound found in various plant species. The chemical formula for ampelopsin is C15H12O8, and its molecular weight is 320.253 g/mol.

DHM is a potential future alcohol consumption support compound that could offer anti-alcohol intoxication medication. DHM research may have potential applications to aid in hangover symptoms.

Aside from being a potential hangover cure, DHM might also support liver health, according to some preliminary studies.

Despite the supposed benefits of the chemical under consideration, it is still unclear how DHM works. We recommend you buy DHM for scientific, educational, and research purposes only.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)
CAS Number 27200-12-0
Molar Mass 320.253 g/mol
Chemical Formula C15H12O8
IUPAC Name 2R,3R)-3,3′,4′,5,5′,7-Hexahydroxyflavan-4-one

What is DHM?

DHM is made from the fruit of the Japanese raisin tree (Hovenia dulcis), which is native to Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia but is now grown commercially. It has been used for 500 years in China to treat liver ailments. As a vine tea extract, its mechanism of action is unknown.

Modern scientific research has recently discovered several modes of action that support DHM’s support of general health, including anti-inflammatory properties, immune support, modulation of autophagy, modulation of metabolic responses, neuroprotective properties, and support of mitochondrial health.

Still, several research studies are being done to further determine DHM’s possible benefits to humans.

Possible Applications of DHM Supplements

DHM may have the potential to reduce hangover symptoms

The active ingredient in the Japanese raisin tree is ampelopsin, also known as dihydromyricetin. It has been used for thousands of years in the East to prevent hangovers and headaches. [R]

DHM has been shown to have the potential to increase alcohol metabolism, potentially increasing the rate at which alcohol is cleared from the bloodstream. Additionally, it may prevent hangovers by decreasing the rebound effect of alcohol on the nervous system. [R]

Despite the apparent effect of the chemical compound, large-scale clinical trials are still needed to establish DHM’s impact on hangovers.

DHM research may promote healthy liver support

Clinical evidence supports that DHM as a future dietary supplement could reduce alcohol damage to the liver by potentially altering lipid metabolism, improving ethanol metabolism, and suppressing inflammation responses to promote liver health. [R] [R]

According to this line of research, DHM acts on multiple pathways to promote liver health and protect against ethanol injury. [R] [R]

However, even though DHM could offer versatile effects, it is not a prescribed cure for liver illnesses. Its alleged medical benefits to the said organ cannot be considered conclusive.

DHM and Alzheimer’s Disease

Another study found that DHM therapy could be an effective Alzheimer’s disease (AD) treatment. DHM was demonstrated to improve memory loss, anxiety, seizure risk, and peptides associated with animal models with Alzheimer’s. [R]

Still, the findings of a single study are insufficient to say that DHM is effective against AD.

How Does DHM Work?

The researchers discovered that DHM stimulated the liver to produce more ethanol-consuming enzymes, such as alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ADH) (ALDH). The enzymes were then made more efficient, allowing them to convert ethanol into simpler forms that the body could quickly eliminate.

Heavy alcohol consumption can impair the liver’s metabolism, resulting in fat accumulation, increased stress, and the eventual progression of liver diseases such as cirrhosis. DHM has also been shown to reduce lipid (fat) accumulation in liver tissue.

DHM supplements are also shown to reduce cytokines, which are inflammatory agents. Excessive alcohol consumption causes the liver to release cytokines, contributing to cellular damage in the liver and other organs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DHM good for liver health studies?

Dihydromyricetin (DHM), an active bioflavonoid isolated from Hovenia dulcis, has been used as an alternative medicine for centuries and has been shown to protect the liver against chemically induced liver damage. [R]

But DHM cannot be a safe food supplement that could promote healthy liver function. More research studies about this chemical compound should still need to be done.

Is DHM safe?

DHM supplements are considered experimental chemical compounds. Although they could provide potential medical applications, DHM capsules are inadvisable to be safe for human consumption.

How is DHM available?

Today, DHM supplements are made available in the form of capsules. It is believed that by adding other ingredients, DHM could offer a more potent effect. Some of these ingredients could be the following: milk thistle, vitamin B, prickly pear, and other extra vitamins.

Some brands sell DHM as a Non-GMO product.

Where can you buy DHM for sale?

Pure Rawz is the best place to buy the highest-quality DHM. Our online store offers many research chemicals, such as peptides and nootropics, that you could use for scientific study purposes.

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