Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones

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Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones – Product Information

Kava (Piper methysticum) is a small shrub native to the South Pacific islands. Several clinical studies show kava to have the potential as an effective aid in treating symptoms of anxiety. Additional studies have shown kava to be able to improve sleep quality. As a nootropic, kava is investigated primarily in research projects as an aid to lowering anxiety with a potency rivaling some anti-anxiety prescription drugs. Kava affects brain levels of GABA receptors or more well-known as the calming neurotransmitters. Increase in receptor sites for GABA accounts for Kava’s anti-anxiety properties.

Kava Extract
CAS Number 9000-38-8
Molar Mass 232.27g/mol
Chemical Formula C14H16O3
IUPAC Name 2-[(E)-2-cyclohexa-1,5-dien-1-ylethenyl]-4-methoxy-2,3-dihydropyran-6-one

What is Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones?

It was on Captain James Cook’s first voyage (Endeavour) in 1768-1771 when two Swedish botanists first saw kava-kava, a plant with significant cultural significance in the South Pacific islands. The Latin name “Piper methysticum” means “intoxicating pepper,” and it was largely due to the contributions of botanist Johann Georg Forster during Cook’s second expedition (1772-1775) that the plant was given this name. From the Ancient Greek (Methustikos), meaning “intoxicating drink,” we get the modern-day English word (methysticum).[R]

The journey of kava-kava may have begun less than 3,000 years ago when it was first domesticated in Vanuatu. This group of islands, situated in eastern Melanesia, is believed to be the birthplace of kava’s cultivation. From there, the use of kava spread in multiple directions – westwards to New Guinea and parts of Micronesia, and eastward into Fiji and then Polynesia. Throughout this geographical expanse, kava-kava earned various local names such as kawa-kawa, ava ava, awa awa, yati, yagona, and yangona, each representing its significance to the communities it touched.[R]

Kava extract, derived from the rootstock of the Piperacae family’s kava plant, has been widely cultivated in the South Pacific for centuries. The rootstock, which varies in color from white to dark yellow depending on its kavalactone content, holds great significance in ceremonies traditionally and social events in Pacific Island societies. However, it is important to note that the promotion of kava extract for human use is not advised, as it contains psychoactive compounds. [R]

How Does Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones Work?

The impact of kava extract and synthetic kavalactones on human platelets and their interaction with the brain enzyme MAO-B was studied. MAO-B is responsible for breaking down specific neurotransmitters in the brain. Kava extract was found to inhibit MAO-B in two situations: when platelets were intact and when they were disrupted. The inhibition of MAO-B by kava is reversible, meaning it can be turned on and off. Different kavalactones in kava have varying strengths in inhibiting MAO-B. This inhibition may influence mood and emotions by increasing certain neurotransmitter levels in the brain.[R]

Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones Research

Numerous studies have been conducted on the potential application of Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones. Below are some of the relevant findings:

Kava Extract as Local Anesthetics

Researchers have been interested in how kava affects the muscle’s neuromuscular transmission and muscle contractility. To learn more about how it works, twitch tension and intracellular recording techniques were used on mouse phrenic nerve-hemidiaphragm and frog sartorius muscle preparations.

Based on all of the results, researchers have come to the conclusion that kava’s paralyzing effects are similar to those of local anesthetics. The way kava causes paralysis is by slowing down the way nerves and muscles talk to each other and by making muscles less able to contract.[R]

Furthermore, clinical studies revealed that kava was potentially effective for treating mild to moderate anxiety.

Kava Extract on Anxiety Reduction

Traditional kava extract may potentially help to alleviate anxiety. Clinical studies demonstrated that kava is effective for treating mild to moderate anxiety when studied daily in doses ranging from 20 to 300 mg of kavalactones. [R]

Kava Extract on Sleep Improvement

In a recent trial, researchers explored the effectiveness of a specific kava extract, known as WS 1490, in test subjects with sleep disturbances. The study focused on test subjects with non-psychotic anxiety disorders who were struggling with disrupted sleep patterns. After administering WS 1490 kava extract, results were encouraging, suggesting that WS 1490 effectively managed sleep disturbances associated with non-psychotic anxiety, tension, and restlessness. [R]

Kava Extract Antioxidant Properties

Unstable chemicals called free radicals have been linked to cell damage and a host of other health issues. Antioxidants can effectively counteract the damaging effects of free radicals.

One of the isolated compounds from kava extract, known as compound C3 or isosakuranetin, exhibited the most potent antioxidant properties in the study. It exhibited a high capacity for neutralizing free radicals. This means that compound C3 from kava extract has the potential to neutralize free radicals and protect cells from their detrimental effects. By functioning as an antioxidant, kava extract may help reduce oxidative stress in the body, which is associated with a variety of diseases and aging.[R]

Kava Extract on Skin Inflammation

Kava Extract demonstrated its capacity for possibly minimizing UV-induced skin inflammation. Moreover, kava extract has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory potential against a variety of substances. The natural kavalactones in kava extract substantially suppressed inflammation caused by formalin, serotonin, carrageenan, and dextran, all of which are known to cause inflammation and edema in the body. [R]

Kava Extract on Gout

Researchers have explored the potential of kava root extract as a possible treatment for gout. To investigate its anti-hyperuricemia activity, they examined the aqueous extract of kava root, focusing on its impact on xanthine oxidase-an enzyme responsible for uric acid production. In this study, various compounds were tested, and compound C10 (alpinetin) emerged as the most promising, displaying a significant inhibitory effect on xanthine oxidase with an IC50 value of 134.52 µg/mL. These findings suggest that kava extract, particularly alpinetin, holds potential as an anti-gout treatment. However, additional research is necessary to ascertain its efficacy and safety in human subjects.[R]


Is Kava Extract safe?

Since 1990, kava-kava has been acknowledged as a remedy for nerve-related conditions such as anxiety and stress in Germany. Following thorough pharmacological evidence and encouraging clinical research, other European countries, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Austria, have also approved kava-kava mixtures containing 30-70% kavalactones for the same purposes [R]

Where to Buy Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones Online

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Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones is derived from the rootstock of the kava plant, historically cultivated in the South Pacific for cultural and ceremonial use. The kavalactones in kava, specifically substituted 4-methoxy-5,6-dihydro-alpha-pyrones, hold the plant’s highest purported pharmacological activities. Kava extract has been studied for various potential benefits, including anxiety reduction, sleep improvement, antioxidant properties, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Studies have shown that kava may have positive effects on anxiety reduction and sleep disturbances associated with non-psychotic anxiety disorders. Additionally, kava exhibits antioxidant properties, helping counteract the damaging effects of free radicals. Kava extract has demonstrated its capacity to reduce skin inflammation induced by UV radiation and other substances known to cause inflammation.

Moreover, research suggests that kava extract may be a promising treatment for gout, potentially inhibiting the enzyme xanthine oxidase responsible for uric acid production. However, more studies are needed to ascertain its effectiveness and safety in human subjects.

While kava extract has shown potential benefits, it is essential to be aware of potential side effects, such as kava hepatotoxicity. Careful consideration and adherence to regulatory guidelines are crucial when using kava extracts to ensure safety and quality.


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