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GDF-8 – Product Information

GDF 8, which stands for growth differentiation factor 8 (or myostatin), is a human growth factor that has the potential to suppress excessive muscle cell growth. This chemical is known for potentially inhibiting myogenesis (the process of formation of skeletal muscular tissue).

At various times throughout the life cycle, myostatin is active. The number of total muscle fibers an individual will have before birth is determined by myostatin (during embryonic development). In adults, myostatin regulates how existing muscle fibers grow in response to nutrition, physical exercise, and age.

GDF-8 could influence muscle stem cells, which might be a good property. However, this propeptide is still being investigated for its mechanisms of action which means it is unsafe for human consumption.

  • GDF-8 is offered in 1mg lyophilized powder.
  • In the context of research, it is advisable to opt for bacteriostatic water when reconstituting substances rather than sterile water.

PureRawz sells GDF-8 for medical research purposes only.

CAS Number 901758-09-6
Molar Mass 42750 g/mol
Chemical Formula C221H366N72O67S

What is GDF-8?

GDF-8 is a conserved member of the TGF superfamily that regulates skeletal and cardiac muscle development and function. This chemical is believed to inhibit myogenesis. Myostatin is a protein that is released and regulates skeletal muscle growth by controlling the number and size of muscle fibers.

To activate SMAD signaling, myostatin binds to one of the two activin type II receptors (ACTRIIA, ACTRIIB). TAK1-MKK6 and Ras pathways are also used by myostatin to induce MAPK signaling.

Myostatin inhibition has the potential to improve muscle mass in various human illnesses and animal models, including muscular dystrophy.

Possible Applications of GDF 8

GDF 8 Myostatin Peptide and Muscle Healing Process

Myostatin (GDF-8) is a potent potential inhibitor of muscle cell growth and development. [R] [R]

Following a fibula osteotomy, mice were randomly assigned to one of two treatment groups: vehicle (saline) or recombinant myostatin propeptide (20 mg/kg). Masson trichrome staining of the injury site was performed to examine muscle recovery and image analysis was employed to quantify the degree of fibrosis and muscle regeneration. [R] [R]

Researchers conclude that recombinant myostatin (GDF-8) propeptide improves muscle and bone repair and regeneration in a model of deep penetrant injuries. [R] [R]

The results of such an experiment are still subject to further studies.

GDF 8 Myostatin Peptide and Muscle Hypertrophy

A recent study in mice found that blocking active myostatin signaling by overexpressing the myostatin propeptide, resulted in remarkable muscle growth. The same study demonstrated that peptide-induced muscle growth could produce normal levels of force. [R]

More clinical trials are needed to validate the relationship between GDF-8 and muscle hypertrophy.

Mechanisms of Action

It has been demonstrated that myostatin deficiency causes significant increases in muscle mass in both humans and animals. GDF-8 works by binding myostatin so that it cannot be activated, preventing it from binding to its own receptors. These receptors normally function to inhibit muscle growth when myostatin is bound, but because GDF-8 blocks the binding, muscle growth is unrestricted.

Myostatin deficiency has also been shown to potentially increase bone mineral density. GDF-8-induced increases in muscle and bone repair in an animal model of tissue injury, implying that the peptide can be used to repair damaged muscle and bone.

The peptide has also been studied for its potential use in treating Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, a muscle-wasting disorder. The study found that the peptide was a potential pharmacological strategy for treating diseases associated with muscle wasting, and additional research is being conducted.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does myostatin deficiency relate to bone-tissue formation?

Lack of myostatin enhances the bone marrow’s capacity for osteogenesis or the production of bone tissue. Studies on the healing abilities of bone marrow-derived stem cells with the capacity for self-regeneration have been conducted. The ability to block myostatin in humans can be seen as potentially beneficial.

Where can you buy GDF-8?

Pure Rawz is the best place to buy premium-quality GDF-8 online. We do not only supply peptides, but we also provide other research chemicals, such as SARMs and nootropics. We only sell products intended for research purposes.


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    Wow! GDF-8 really helped me to redevelop my muscle structure again after using it for a month now. It’s unbelievable but it’s really effective for me.

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