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IDRA-21 – Product Information

IDRA-21 is a commonly abbreviated benzothiadiazine derivative nootropic research compound that acts as an ampakine compound or stimulant that is currently being studied to investigate its effects on memory improvement, cognitive enhancement, stimulation, and reversing cognitive deficits.

Animal-based tests have proven that IDRA-21 gives cognitive enhancement that is long-lasting.[R]

CAS Number 22503-72-6
Molar Mass 232.68 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C8H9ClN2O2S
IUPAC Name 7-chloro-3-methyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,2,4-benzothiadiazine 1,1-dioxide


What is IDRA-21?

The chemical structure of benzothiadiazine was used to create IDRA-21, a nootropic substance with a molecular weight of 232.68 g·mol−1. Aniracetam is frequently used as an example of a “similar” chemical, even though IDRA is believed to be up to 30 times more effective.

The brain’s glutamate AMPA receptors are positively allosterically modulated by IDRA-21 to produce its effects. According to studies, the substance can help excitatory neurotransmission by binding to GluR 1/2 receptors. [R]

How Does IDRA-21 Work?

As mentioned above, IDRA-21 functions as an ampakine agent by positively allosterically modulating the glutamate AMPA receptors in the brain. The excitatory synaptic strength increases as a result of the AMPA receptors’ fast synaptic transmission. Another name for it  is Allosteric activation.

IDRA-21 Research

IDRA-21 appears to provide a number of advantages, according to several research studies and animal research trials. Although experts believe it to be generally safe, there is still a lack of high-caliber laboratory research to support its advantages and potential research use for human consumption.

IDRA-21 and Memory and Focus

According to dose-response tests, IDRA 21 is roughly ten times more effective than aniracetam at counteracting the learning deficit caused by alprazolam. A recent study came to the conclusion that the learning impairment caused in patas monkeys by the rise in GABAergic tone generated by alprazolam, is improved by IDRA 21, a chemically unrelated pharmacological congener of aniracetam. [R]

This shows the potential of IDRA-21 to significantly improve learning and memory.

IDRA-21 and Overall Cognition

It is also believed that IDRA-21 potentially causes long-term potentiation (LTP). LTP is a persistent improvement in the way brain cells connect with one another. It is essential for enhancing synaptic plasticity, which fortifies brain synapses.

Since synapses play a major role in memory formation, strengthening and optimizing their performance is essential for raising cognition as a whole. This may be a clear solution for researchers looking for a viable alternative to Aniracetam in medical uses, in its required field. [R]

PureRawz sells IDRA-21 for laboratory research use only.


Is IDRA-21 vs Aniracetam

Aniracetam is frequently used as an example of a “similar” chemical, even though IDRA is believed to be up to 30 times more effective. [R]

How does IDRA-21 compare to other Ampakines?

IDRA-21 was more potent than CX-516 but less potent than CX-546 when compared to ampakines or benzoylpiperidine-derived AMPA receptor potentiators.

The benzoylpiperidine and benzoylpyrrolidine CX-series of medicines have been preferred for clinical development, most likely because they have more favorable toxicity profiles at high dosages than more recent benzothiadiazide derivatives, with significantly greater potency compared to IDRA-21. [R]

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