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N-Acetyl PT-141 – Product Information

  • This peptide is offered as 10mg lyophilized powder.

N-Acetyl PT 141 is a formulation that aims to offer potential benefits concerning female sexual dysfunction, specifically in the context of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). This product incorporates the PT 141 peptide, which is believed to interact with neural pathways related to sexual desire and arousal.

Disclaimer: N-Acetyl PT 141 is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. Its usage should be discussed thoroughly with a medical professional, and it’s not advisable for participants to consider usage without appropriate medical consultation. This description does not serve as an endorsement or recommendation. Any decision concerning N-Acetyl PT 141 usage should be made in consultation with a licensed healthcare provider.

What is N Acetyl PT-141?

N-Acetyl PT 141 is a peptide compound that has garnered attention for its potential implications in addressing female sexual dysfunction. This compound is believed to have an impact on sexual behavior and has been studied for its effects on conditions such as HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder). Research has explored its potential to influence female sexual distress scores by interacting with pathways within the central nervous system.

It’s important to note that N-Acetyl PT 141’s mechanism of action is distinct from the widely known PT 141 peptide, which was initially investigated for its role in treating erectile dysfunction and sexual disorders in both genders. N-Acetyl PT 141’s potential influence on sexual behavior stems from its possible impact on the central nervous system, which is intricately connected to aspects of sexual motivation and arousal.

Studies have also investigated the role of peptides like N-Acetyl PT 141 in other contexts, such as addressing reduced blood flow, which might play a role in certain sexual dysfunction cases. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that while research is ongoing, N-Acetyl PT 141 has not been approved for medical use and is not intended for treating any specific condition at this time. As with any scientific advancement, rigorous testing and clinical trials are necessary before determining its safety and efficacy.

Furthermore, it’s important to differentiate N-Acetyl PT 141 from PT 141, as the latter has also been explored in the context of squamous cell carcinoma, demonstrating that its potential applications extend beyond sexual dysfunction research. As research evolves, further insights into the potential mechanisms of these compounds and their broader implications may emerge.

Possible Uses of N Acetyl PT-141

Potentially Treat Female Sexual Dysfunctions

For women, PT-141 holds promise as a potential solution for addressing sexual dysfunction, with a specific focus on arousal and orgasm disorders. This peptide compound functions by stimulating melanocortin receptors within the brain, potentially leading to heightened sexual satisfaction and amplified sensitivity in the genital region. [R]

Moreover, PT-141 is thought to play a role in enhancing libido, intensifying arousal, and elevating the potency of orgasms in premenopausal women. [R]

Research suggests that women who incorporate PT-141 may experience noteworthy enhancements in various aspects of their sexual function, encompassing heightened sexual arousal, increased pleasure, more intense orgasms, and greater overall sexual activity. Notably, participants have reported decreased distress and an overall enhancement in their sexual behaviors upon using PT-141. However, it’s crucial to note that these observations are based on available research and may not be universally applicable to all test subjects. Always consult with healthcare professionals before considering any treatments for sexual dysfunction or related concerns. [R]

Erectogenic Potential

In various research instances, PT-141’s potential treatment has been substantiated among men dealing with erectile dysfunction, even in situations where conventional treatments yielded no results.

In a study dating back to 2004, researchers administered PT-141 injections to healthy male subjects and those with erectile dysfunction unresponsive to Viagra. While 1mg doses effectively prompted erections in healthy participants, the 4mg or 6mg doses were instrumental in eliciting erections among the group of Viagra non-responders. Impressively, the treatment demonstrated favorable tolerability across the board, leading the researchers to identify the peptide as a promising avenue for addressing male sexual dysfunction. [R]

Further exploration into PT-141’s efficacy has illuminated its positive impact when administered intranasally to males with erectile dysfunction. A placebo-controlled study employing double-blind methodology unveiled that doses exceeding 7mg of nasally applied PT-141 generated rapid erectile responses within just 30 minutes post-treatment, all without notable safety concerns. [R]

Similarly, a randomized, placebo-controlled study directed its focus toward Viagra non-responsive participants grappling with erectile dysfunction. The PT-141 group was guided to self-administer a 10mg dose of PT-141 via nasal spray before sexual activity. The participants who received PT-141 reported significantly heightened satisfaction in terms of sexual intercourse, in contrast to their counterparts who were part of the placebo group. [R]

Improved Mood

The earlier information highlighted how PT-141 triggers sensations of sexual desire, arousal, and contentment linked to sexual experiences.

Researchers have proposed that these outcomes stem from the activation of the MC4R in the hypothalamus, resulting in heightened dopamine levels. Given dopamine’s association with motivation and rewards, scientists speculate that administering PT-141 might potentially uplift the general mood in participants, including an augmented sense of optimism bias. This has significant implications, especially in the context of addressing low sexual desire and enhancing women’s sexual health, as it could potentially counteract socio-cultural biases and contribute positively to overall well-being. [R][R][R]

Acute Hemorrhage

In the year 2009, a slight modification was made to PT-141, leading to an exploration of its viability as a remedy for hemorrhagic shock. Through its dual binding with MC-1R and MC-4R receptors, PT-141 exhibits the capacity to mitigate ischemia, safeguarding tissues against insufficient blood supply within the context of hypovolemic or hemorrhagic shock scenarios. Intravenous administration of this drug has demonstrated a notable absence of significant adverse effects. Its progress advanced to phase IIb human clinical trials before the spotlight shifted to the altered form known as PL-6983. [R]

Specific Fungal Infection

In a rat model simulating a particular fungal infection, the MC-1R has displayed significant anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory characteristics. This discovery carries notable significance due to the existing limitations in the mechanism of action of current anti-fungal treatments, which often result in severe side effects that constrain treatment options for specific participants. The prospect of an alternative treatment route for fungal infections could potentially lead to a considerable reduction in both morbidity and mortality rates, particularly among test subjects with compromised immune systems. [R]


The MC-1R receptor plays a significant role in triggering DNA repair mechanisms, making it a topic of interest within the realm of cancer prevention and treatment. Studies reveal that participants possessing variations in the MC-1R gene face elevated susceptibility to both basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. Modified PT-141 holds the potential to address the issues stemming from these genetic variations, potentially serving as a remedy to prevent or manage these types of cancers. [R]

How Does N Acetyl PT-141 Work?

PT-141, also referred to as Bremelanotide, operates through a well-defined mechanism of action that holds promise for potential applications to treat female sexual dysfunction. This synthetic peptide is designed to specifically interact with melanocortin receptors, primarily the MC4R (melanocortin 4 receptor) located in the brain’s hypothalamus. This interaction, established through laboratory research use, triggers a sequence of intracellular events that ultimately leads to the release of various neurotransmitters, including dopamine. This release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward, is believed to contribute to heightened sexual desire, motivation, and arousal.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that PT-141 is not for human consumption and is intended solely for laboratory research use. Its mechanism of action aligns with the influence of the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which is related to regulating sexual behavior and appetite. While the details of PT-141’s effects in humans require further exploration, its mechanism signifies a potential avenue for addressing conditions linked to female sexual dysfunction, emphasizing the importance of ongoing research in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the molecular formula and molecular weight of N Acetyl PT141?

The exact molecular formula and molecular weight of N Acetyl PT141 might vary based on its specific sequence and modifications. However, it is a synthetic peptide compound with a calculated molecular formula and weight associated with its amino acid composition.

What is the subcutaneous bioavailability of N Acetyl PT141?

N Acetyl PT141 is known for demonstrating excellent subcutaneous bioavailability. This means that when administered under the skin, it has the potential to be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream, facilitating its intended effects.

What can you tell us about the tolerability profile of N Acetyl PT141?

The tolerability profile of N Acetyl PT141 is an important aspect of its evaluation. While research and studies suggest that it might be well-tolerated, it’s important to note that individual responses can vary. As with any substance, including synthetic Melanocortin peptides, assessing participants’ tolerance and any potential side effects should be done under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Where Can You Buy N Acetyl PT-141 Online?

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