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PNC-27 – Product Information

According to animal studies, PNC-27 is a synthetic anti-cancer peptide that induces tumor cell necrosis yet not affect untransformed or noncancerous cells.

The PNC-27 peptide belongs to the PNC family of proteins, which attach to specific sites of the cancer cells’ membranes and cause them to induce cell death.

It also has an HDM-2 binding domain, which allows the peptide to destroy cancer cells via membrane lysis, as evidenced by animal studies. [R]

Based on the findings from animal studies, the peptide PNC-27 may be highly effective in treating various cancer cells, including breast cancer, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, and leukemia. [R]

  • PNC-27 is offered as 5mg lyophilized powder.
  • In the context of research, it is advisable to opt for bacteriostatic water when reconstituting substances rather than sterile water.

It might be often called PNC-27 5mg since this is one of the typical dosages of the compound when used in laboratory settings. PNC-27 is a not proven and approved cure for cancer. Buy PNC-27 for the purpose of research only.

PNC-27 Peptide
CAS Number 129954-34-3
Molar Mass 4031.7
Chemical Formula C188H293N53O44S
IUPAC Name Pro-Pro-Leu-Ser-Gln-Glu-Thr-Phe-Ser-Asp-Leu-Trp-Lys-Leu-Leu-Lys-Lys-Trp-Lys-Met-Arg-Arg-Asn-Gln-Phe-Trp-Val-Lys-Val-Gln-Arg-Gly-OH

What is PNC-27 Peptide?

PNC-27 is a synthetic peptide and immunotherapeutic agent designed to target and destroy cancer cells. It is thought to be a future anti-cancer compound.

According to current studies, immunotherapy is safer than radiotherapy or cancer chemotherapy. This is due to the method of immunotherapy, which potentially uses the body’s natural defensive system rather than absorbing dangerous substances. [R]

PNC-27 is a member of the PNC protein family, designed to attach to cancerous cells and induce cell necrosis, causing them to die while leaving other healthy cells unharmed. [R]

The PNC-27 peptide contains an HDM-2 binding domain corresponding to p53 residues 12-26 and a trans-membrane-penetrating domain.

This enables the peptide to bind to and kill cancer cells via membranolysis or affecting the cancer cell plasma membranes. [R]

The PNC-27 peptide has been shown in animal studies to be highly effective in selectively targeting a wide variety of specific cancers, including pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, and melanoma. [R]

Possible Application of PNC-27 Peptide

PNC-27 Peptide May Destroy Cancer Cells

In 2006 particular cancer researchers discovered that PNC-28, which is structurally and functionally similar to PNC-27, could selectively inhibit pancreatic cancer cell growth in vivo.

They discovered that the compound caused peptide-induced necrosis in a number of tumor cell lines while leaving unhealthy cells undamaged. [R] This result prompted researchers to investigate whether the cancer peptide could completely stop the growth of cancer cells. [R]

Researchers also discovered that when the peptide was administered, it inhibited tumor growth for two weeks during and two weeks after, as evidenced by animal research. [R]

Furthermore, when the cancer peptide PNC-27 was given after tumor growth, tumor size decreased and tumor growth slowed. [R]

As a result, the study concluded that this peptide could effectively kill cancer, particularly if administered directly to the cancerous tumor. [R]

A 2014 study found that PNC-27 therapy can cause tumor cell necrosis in a leukemia cell line that depends on HDM2 expression in the cancer cell membrane. [R] [R]

Researchers expanded their knowledge from previous studies that PNC-27 could reduce solid tissue tumor cells by attaching to HDM-2 proteins. [R] [R]

The experiment aimed to see if non-solid tumor cells could express HDM-2 in their membranes like solid tissue cells. [R] [R]

Researchers found out that these non-solid tumor cells expressed HDM2 in cell membranes and that the peptide could induce necrosis in the same way that HDM2 binding could in solid tissue cells. [R] [R]

How Does PNC-27 Peptide Work?

The PNC-27 cancer peptide is a non-toxic compound that only kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. It accomplishes this by attaching to the membranes of the subject’s cancer cells and causing holes in those membranes.

Because of the osmotic pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tumor cells, rapid implosion occurs, resulting in cell death.

PNC-27 achieves this through its affinity for binding to a protein known as HDM-2. Cancer cells’ cell membranes contain. When the PNC- 27 peptides is administered, it immediately travels to the HDM-2 found in cancerous cell membranes.

It creates pores or holes in the cell membrane by binding to them, resulting in “membranolysis,” or cell membrane death.

As a result, the cancer cells are destroyed.

Safety and Side Effects

Animal models had reported PNC-27 side effects.

Inflammation of the skin and nose, watery eyes, dry skin, high blood pressure, headache, back pain, nose bleed, rectal bleeding, taste change, and an excess of protein in the urine have all been reported.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PNC-27 peptide help with treating cancer in subjects?

When the cancer-killing peptide PNC-27 was administered after tumor growth had occurred at a distant site from the tumor, a decrease in tumor size followed by a slow increase in tumor growth that was “significantly slower than growth in the presence of control peptide” was observed.

However, this result is still not enough to describe PNC-27 as a potent cancer treatment.

Is PNC-27 peptide safe?

PNC-27 side effects in animal models included skin and nose inflammation, watery eyes, dry skin, high blood pressure, headache, back pain, nose bleed, rectal bleeding, taste change, and too much protein in the urine.

The compound is still considered experimental, which means it is not advisable to use PNC-27 as a form of mainstream medication for cancer.

Where can you buy PNC-27?

PureRawz is the best place to buy PNC-27 online. Aside from PNC-27, we offer other peptides that could be useful to your research studies.

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    I was given a CT scan and had a bone lesion indicating possible bone cancer. After taking this product for three months I was given a bone scan and the lesion is gone.

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    So far, no negative effects on my lab rat. Thanks Purerawz!

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    Money well spent! I highly recommend this for your research purposes

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    This peptide is really awesome. Best Anti-cancer compound for me.

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    Tumour killer.

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    Fast-acting and very reliable

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