Test Drol (Turkesterone 20% + Ecdysterone 99% + 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin)

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Test Drol (Turkesterone 20% + Ecdysterone 99% + 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin) – Product Information

Test Drol is a research compound that combines Turkesterone 20%, Ecdysterone 99%, and 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin. This unique formulation aims to explore the potential effects of these compounds on various physiological processes.

Turkesterone, extracted from certain plants, is believed to possess anabolic properties and potential benefits in muscle growth. Ecdysterone, also derived from plants, is a compound that has been studied for its potential impact on protein synthesis and muscle development. 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin is another compound of interest, believed to have muscle-building potential and aid in recovery.

By combining Turkesterone, Ecdysterone, and 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin, Test Drol offers researchers an opportunity to study the potential effects of these compounds on muscle development, protein synthesis, and overall body composition. It is important to reiterate that this product is strictly intended for research purposes.

Turkesterone 20%

Turkesterone, also known as Ajuga Turkestanica Extract, is a form of ecdysteroid. Ecdysteroids are naturally occurring steroid hormones found in plants and insects. Numerous research studies have shown the massive potential of Turkesterone to be highly effective at building muscle and enhancing performance and recovery. This means Turkesterone may potentially help to increase lean muscle mass, muscle recovery, and strength via multiple biological processes currently undergoing numerous trials.

Turkesterone is a very unique compound as it works via a completely different mechanism than other anabolic agents; it works independently from testosterone. It does so via the Estrogen-Beta 2 receptor, which means administering Turkesterone is not going to have any negative down-regulation effects on the body’s own testosterone production.

Turkesterone Muscle Growth & Repair

Turkesterone being an ecdysteroid, has shown the potential to induce muscular growth and repair via increased muscle synthesis. Research has shown that, unlike pharmaceutical steroids, Turkesterone acts to markedly improve muscular growth & repair without the negative effects of conventional steroids. In fact, through its effect on ER-beta, IGF-1, and AKT pathways, Turkesterone can stimulate muscle protein synthesis by up to 20% [R].

Turkesterone Muscular Strength & Performance

Turkesterone research has shown its potential to improve circulation, reduce cortisol, reduce myostatin (an inflammatory cytokine that slows muscle growth) as well as stimulate IGF-1 and growth hormone. All of which could potentially lead to increase muscular strength and performance [R].

Turkesterone Liver & Kidney Health

Turkesterone research has shown that as an Estrogen-Beta 2 receptor, it may have no damaging effects on the kidney and liver. In fact, studies have shown it may optimize glomerular levels in the filtration of the kidney. Additionally, it may improve liver health by increasing the conversion of cholesterol into bile which aids in fat metabolism and liver regeneration [R].

Turkesterone 20%
CAS Number 41451-87-0
Molar Mass 496.64 g/mol
Chemical Formula CFN90217
IUPAC Name (2S,3R,5R,9R,10R,11R,13R,14S,17S)-2,3,11,14-tetrahydroxy-10,13-dimethyl-17-[(2R,3R)-2,3,6-trihydroxy-6-methylheptan-2-yl]-2,3,4,5,9,11,12,15,16,17-decahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-6-one

Beta-Ecdysterone 99%

Ecdysterone, also known as 20-Hydroxyecdysone, belongs to the group of phytoecdysteroids which are naturally occurring hormones found in arthropods and certain plants. There are many different types of phytoecdysteroids with Ecdysterone being one of the most researched compounds. It is considered a natural agent that works by binding to estrogen receptors in the body.

Increased Protein Synthesis

A recent study investigating the effects of phytoecdysteroids showed an increase in 20% protein synthesis. This study also showed a marked improvement in the grip strength of rats, implying that ecdysteroids could potentially aid strength. This protein synthesis is created by stimulation of the pi3k pathway. Protein synthesis is extremely important in the muscle-building process. Having a higher protein synthesis can lead to faster muscle recovery and muscle mass. this 10-week study was performed on young men who consumed Ecdysterone daily, this resulted in significant lean muscle mass and strength increases without adverse effects. [R]

Increased Muscle Strength

A recent study investigated the performance-enhancing effects of ecdysterone on strength. This study utilized 46 participants being administered an ecdysterone supplement or placebo for a period of 10 weeks. The group who took the ecdysteroids showed a pronounced increase in 1RM max bench press without any adverse effects. The group also increased their squat by 19.4%, from 100kg to 120kg.[R]
CAS Number 5289-74-7
Molar Mass 480.63 g/mol
Chemical Formula C27H44O7
IUPAC Name (2S,3R,5R,10R,13R,14S,17S)-2,3,14-trihydroxy-10,13-dimethyl-17-[(2R,3R)-2,3,6-trihydroxy-6-methylheptan-2-yl]-2,3,4,5,9,11,12,15,16,17-decahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-6-one

5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin

Laxogenin is a plant-based steroid. It helps the plants to grow.

Laxogenin is derived from brassinosteroids. Brassinosteroids are a group of plant hormones that have been shown to increase protein synthesis and decrease protein degradation in cell culture. This explains why laxogenin is known as a plant anabolic. [R]

In a recent study, a specific type of brassinosteroid produced a stimulatory effect on protein synthesis in muscle cells. This led to increases in lean body mass, muscle mass, and physical performance. This shows that Laxogenin holds great potential as an anabolic agent. [R]

How Does Laxogenin Work?

Plant steroids like Laxogenin have a completely different working mechanism than their human counterparts. Studies have shown that they only bind the cell surface, setting off a signal to the inside of the cell to increase muscle building. [R]

They do that by activating a protein known as AKT1 or protein kinase B. AKT1 has been proven to prevent the breakdown of muscle proteins and enhance muscle building. In a genetic model, AKT1 hypertrophic muscles also showed increased strength. [R] [R]

In a separate study, natural laxogenin derivatives inhibited the enzyme that breaks down cAMP (phosphodiesterase). This leads to an increase in cAMP levels, boosting fat breakdown and activating sympathetic (fight-or-flight) response. [R] [R]

Laxogenin Research

No clinical studies have been conducted on laxogenin to date. Only animal and cell-based research substantiates the potential effects of this plant-based steroid. But they should only guide further investigational efforts and shouldn’t be interpreted as backing any health benefit.

Laxogenin and Lean Muscle Growth

In an old Russian study, rats were fed a type of brassinosteroid with a similar structure to Laxogenin. The research found that the compound increases the total weight and protein content of the leg muscles, liver, heart, and kidneys without raising sex hormones. [R]

Oral administration of another brassinosteroid increased food intake, body weight gain, lean muscle mass, and gastrocnemius muscle mass as compared with vehicle-treated controls. Moreover, brassinosteroid treatment was associated with improved physical fitness. [R]

In another study, the effects of brassinosteroid and its synthetic derivatives were measured on the skeletal muscle mass of rats. It was found that both compounds promoted protein production. They also reduced protein degradation in muscle cells. [R]

Laxogenin and Blood Sugar

A study was conducted to determine the hypoglycemic effects of homobassinolide (a type of brassinosteroid) on healthy mice. It was reported that the oral administration of HB triggered a selective anabolic response that was associated with lower blood glucose. [R]

Similarly, another study set out to evaluate the effects of HB administration on glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, body composition, and more. It was found that acute oral administration of 50 – 300mg/kg of HB to obese mice resulted in a dose-dependent decrease in fasting blood glucose. [R]

These results indicate the anti-diabetic effects of brassinosteroids.

Laxogenin and Cancer

Laxogenin was proven to have an antitumor-promoting activity in a two-stage lung carcinogenesis experiment. In two separate studies, natural and synthetic laxogenin derivatives were found to kill leukemia and colon cancer cells. [R] [R] [R]

However, in the absence of randomized, long-term clinical trials, more studies on select populations are needed to substantiate the effects of Laxogenin on cancer.

Laxogenin and Fat Breakdown

In a study, natural laxogenin derivatives blocked the enzyme that breaks down cAMP (phosphodiesterase). This inevitably leads to an increase in cAMP levels as the enzyme inhibiting its production has been blocked. [R]

Various studies have shown that an increase in cAMP levels increases lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process by which fats break down and release in the form of fatty acids. The cAMP has been found to increase lipolysis by binding and activating protein kinase A (PKA). [R]

Still, more evidence is needed to definitively link Laxogenin with fat loss.

Laxogenin and Tissue Damage

In a cell study, a natural laxogenin derivative prevented free radicals and poor oxygen supply from causing tissue damage. This shows massive promise in the potential ability of Laxogenin to neutralize oxidative stress. Still, human and animal studies are needed. [R]

5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin
CAS Number 56786-63-1
Molar Mass 446.6 g/mol
Chemical Formula C27H42O
IUPAC Name (1S,2S,4S,5’R,6R,7S,8R,9S,12S,13R,16S,18R)-16,18-dihydroxy-5′,7,9,13-tetramethylspiro[5-oxapentacyclo[,9.04,8.013,18]icosane-6,2′-oxane]-19-one


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