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Turkesterone – Product Details

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, which is a hormonal anabolic compound that can be found in certain plants. Ecdysteroids are in itself a class of naturally occurring compounds that are structurally similar to that of conventional anabolic androgens.

However, unlike your conventional anabolic compounds, ecdysteroids have gained notoriety in the research world for their distinction to not binding to androgen receptors, meaning potentially none of those side effects, while still providing similar results. [R]

Although not using the same mechanism of action as your normal anabolic compounds, turkesterone is known as the most potent of all ecdysteroids, due to its potential high anabolic activity.

This has led to an influx of research for turkesterone supplement as a potential muscle-building supplement.

However, Purerawz sells Turkesterone for research purposes only.

CAS Number 41451-87-0

Molar Mass 496.641 g/mol
Chemical Formula
IUPAC Name (2S,3R,5R,9R,10R,11R,13R,14S,17S)-2,3,11,14-tetrahydroxy-10,13-dimethyl-17-[(2R,3R)-2,3,6-trihydroxy-6-methylheptan-2-yl]-2,3,4,5,9,11,12,15,16,17-decahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-6-one

What is Turkesterone?

As mentioned above, Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, or hormonal steroid, which is a substance that is found in plants. Due to their capacity to stimulate growth, ecdysteroids can be compared to testosterone and other natural compounds such as tribulus terrestris.

Ecdysteroids do not have the same negative effects as testosterone since they do not bind to androgen receptors, unlike testosterone. [R]

Purerawz sells Turkesterone for research purposes only.

Turkesterone Research

A major potential for Turkesterone as an anabolic compound in muscle growth and building exists, as it may have the potential to provide anabolic effects with potentially little to no side effects. Below are some of the most relevant research related to the potential of Turkesterone:

Turkesterone and Rapid Muscular Repair and Recovery

Research has shown Ecdysteroids to enhance and support muscle protein synthesis by up to 20%. [R]

Protein synthesis is a naturally occurring process that plays a massive part in post-exercise recovery as it is a key factor in how the body repairs muscle tissue damage. [R]

Potential to Enhance Muscular Growth

Researchers have found evidence that turkesterone may have the potential ability to increase muscle growth and lean muscle mass as it relates to the muscle-to-fat ratio, thereby leading to potential improvements in overall body composition. [R]

Turkesterone and Fat Loss

A recent study shows Turkesterone may possess the potential metabolic boosting effects that could aid in weight loss. The study examined the effects of energy homeostasis and intestinal fat absorption in mice under different conditions.

Results indicate that it potentially does this by lowering lipid absorption, and possibly shifting glucose metabolism thereby combating insulin resistance, and supporting muscle synthesis in numerous ways, such as the increased uptake of leucine in the muscle cells of mice. [R]

Turkesterone vs. Dianabol

In a study, the anabolic effects of several ecdysteroids, phytoecdysteroids, and steranabols were compared in mouse models. Male rats were studied for weight increase at various ages, hormone levels, and castrated and non-castrated groups. The efficacy and weight gain of these substances were assessed in order to determine their value for promoting hypertrophy.

Ecdysteroids scored a 7.9 in terms of total impacts on bulk increase, but Dianabol came out on top with an 8.2. Only Turkesterone, scoring an 8.5, outperformed dianabol and ecdysteroids.

Keep in mind that the anabolic steroid is a very potent substrate for the aromatase enzyme, which causes the weight to be erroneously inflated by water weight. As a result, unlike with phytoecdosteroids, weight gain from Dianabol is not always lean gain.

In impuberal rodents, ecdysteroids had a powerful 27.9 activity, but dianabol had a 32.7 actions. Turkesterone, however, outperformed Dianabol by a somewhat greater margin and was the most powerful at 33.9.

The castrated rodents in the third group don’t produce endogenous testosterone. Estradiol is produced when endogenous testosterone aromatizes, which is bad for muscle building.

Anything that comes out on top of this group is important, since Dianabol can replace this growth pathway by aromatizing it into estrogen.

This group’s findings were as expected, with ecdysteroids scoring 18.1, Dianabol scoring 27.8, and Turkesterone scoring 20.8. Turkesterone (20.8) is still the top chemical that doesn’t act as an aromatase substrate. [R]


What is the difference between Turkesterone and Ecdysterone?

Both compounds are very similar in their molecular structure and their potential anabolic effects. However, the key difference is that, unlike Turkesterone, Ecdysterone’s effects have undergone human trials.


Turkesterone is being throughly studied as an all natural anabolic agent with the potential to support male hormones by promoting muscle growth and muscle mass, supporting liver health, improving the immune system and enhancing fat loss.

More research is required to evaluate the safety and efficacy of turkesterone as a dietary supplement.

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