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Theacrine – Product Information

Similar to caffeine, Theacrine is a naturally occurring chemical. Different types of tea and coffee contain it, particularly those made from the tea plant Camellia assamica var. kucha. Theacrine is viewed as a high-quality product since it has a lot of potential for treating health conditions. These could be fatigue, cognitive function, anxiety, stamina, stress, and other issues, but there isn’t any solid scientific evidence to back these claims.

The Theacrine for sale from PureRawz is for laboratory research use only and is not for human consumption.

CAS Number 2309-49-1
Molar Mass 224.22 g/mol
Chemical Formula C9H12N4O3
IUPAC Name 1,3,7,9-Tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione

What is Theacrine?

Theacrine, often referred to as tetramethyluric acid, is a purine alkaloid in the leaves of the Camellia kucha, a wild tea plant.

Theacrine is a nootropic or “smart drug,” a supplement or drug that helps improve cognition. Caffeine, the most well-known nootropic, is the most common purine alkaloid.

According to research, Theacrine’s effects are similar to caffeine but at a much slower pace, such as improved mood, energy production, mental focus, and motivation.

Theacrine is also a research chemical being tested for human clinical research studies. Based on this fact, Theacrine is not safe as a dietary supplement.

Potential Applications of Theacrine

Theacrine May Reduce Pain

In a 2010 study that used hot plate sensitivity response to measure the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of Theacrine. [R]

Preliminary evidence suggests that consuming a dose of Theacrine as low as 8mg per kilogram of body weight could potentially reduce pain sensitivity.

In lab-tested mice, Theacrine demonstrated a potential to reduce inflammation. Its potency is comparable to or less than that of the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin. In that study, the pain-relieving properties were dose-dependent.

The same study showed that caffeine did not affect either inflammation or pain in mice.

While the results with the available resources are encouraging, as with all of Theacrine’s suggested benefits, more research is needed to determine just how effective it is for analgesic purposes.

Theacrine May Promote Energy Boost

According to a controlled laboratory study, according to a controlled laboratory study, a single 200 mg dose of Theacrine resulted in a subjective increase in jitter-free energy levels, focus, mental clarity, willingness to exercise, improved motivation, and libido. [R]

Theacrine significantly increased physical activity in rats, which is thought to be mediated by both the adenosine and dopamine systems. [R]

While the research suggests that the Theacrine dietary supplement exclusively used in these studies can boost energy levels, larger, well-designed studies are needed to confirm this.

Theacrine May Improve Mood

High levels of dopamine are commonly attributed to feelings of energy, improved mood, and pleasure sensations.

Dopamine receptors DRD1 and DRD2 are activated in rats by giving them doses of Theacrine. Furthermore, Theacrine stimulates activity in the nucleus accumbens region of the brain, which is linked to pleasure and reward. [R]

Another study found that when compared to caffeine alone or a placebo, a supplement containing both theacrine and caffeine improved multiple subjective feelings related to long-lasting energy and mood. It also reduced feelings of brain fog and lethargy. [R]

Theacrine May Enhance Relaxation

Low doses of Theacrine (less than 100 mg) may have mild sedative and hypnotic effects, according to animal studies. [R]

With the sedative pentobarbital present, the mice’s sleep duration was prolonged at such low doses.

It’s crucial to remember that these kinds of animal studies do not substantiate the existence of equivalent traits in people. The results do, however, point to a potentially noteworthy distinction between theacrine and other stimulants like caffeine that might be worth exploring.

Theacrine May Support Endurance and Mental Performance

In a 2019 study, a certain group of researchers used a simulated treadmill soccer match to test Theacrine’s effects. The volunteer participants involve 24 elite male and female soccer players. [R]

The research involves assigned 90-minute sessions. Here, the participants received different compounds:

  • 275 mg of theacrine
  • 275 mg of caffeine
  • 125 mg of Theacrine with 150 mg of caffeine
  • Placebo

Time to exhaustion (a measure of endurance) and reaction time under various conditions were two outcomes that the research sought to measure.

Theacrine and caffeine both increased time until exhaustion in a comparable manner, but the combination of the two compounds increased endurance more than either Theacrine or caffeine did on its own.

How does Theacrine Work?

Theacrine is a nature-identical compound with a similar structure to caffeine and activates similar signaling pathways. Documented evidence also suggests Theacrine’s unique advantages such as its lower tolerance, but research is insufficient to draw any conclusions.

The reactions between the two neural pathways, along with other neurotransmitters, cause Theacrine’s multifaceted effects. The dopaminergic and adenosinergic major pathways are involved here.

Despite the result of the above-mentioned study of Theacrine supplements, it is still noteworthy that the research drug is advisable for daily use. Large-scale studies are still needed to prove Theacrine’s therapeutic effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Theacrine and Caffeine?

Although Theacrine may be similar to caffeine, it still has certain features that set it apart. Theacrine does not appear to affect blood pressure and increased heart rate in research subjects like caffeine does. This quality makes Theacrine unique from caffeine.

Is Theacrine safe?

Theacrine is still a compound that needs more clinical studies. Purchasing commercial Theacrine should only be intended for research purposes and not as a food supplement.

Can you find Theacrine in natural sources?

Natural sources such as tea leaves, coffee, and exotic fruits contain pure Theacrine.

What other SARMs can you stack with Theacrine for Research Purposes?

Theacrine is safe to study along with other known nootropics which are L-Theanine, and Tianeptine Sodium.

Where can you buy Theacrine online?

PureRawz is the perfect place online to buy Theacrine. We sell highly recommended Theacrine products that can compete with other brands such as Double wood supplements.

Our SARMs come with complete product details that include product purity, legal disclaimer, and other ingredients.

We even include reviews from our customers to support our product’s ability in delivering desirable results to your clinical experiments.

This information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN ARE FOR LABORATORY AND RESEARCH USE ONLY. All clinical research must be conducted with oversight from the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB). All preclinical research must be conducted with oversight from the appropriate Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) following the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).
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11 reviews for Theacrine

  1. User Avatar: Andrew B

    Andrew B

    Amazing product to assist while studying, great service and fast shipping.

  2. Stephan O’Neil

    I am lasting longer in the gym. More energy at work. This is all I need!

  3. Darren Campbell

    I am very satisfied with this product! It really helped my mind and body to calm and focus while achieving my goals. Highly recommended.

  4. Howard

    Theacrine truly helped with my mental focus, stamina and the “three o’clock crash”. Anytime I can substitute a pharmaceutical with a natural supplement, I am very pleased.

  5. Steven Rock

    Wow. It started working almost instantly for me. I can feel an increase in energy and a better mood overall. I recommend this

  6. Benjamin Campbell

    I love the results. No more foggy brain!

  7. Norris Hills

    Too much caffeine makes me irritable, so I decided to try Theacrine, after doing some research online. I find that it gives me a good mental boost, just like caffeine, but without the irritability. Still working out the best dosage for various uses.

  8. Anonymous

    This is great! Just sustained energy with zero crash.

  9. Consuelo

    Great for increasing focus, finish your workout in shorter time!

  10. Caleb Osborne

    Good for staying sharp at work.

  11. Wyatt

    Stimulate the brain. ·

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