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Trans-Resveratrol – Product Information

CAS Number 501-36-0
Molar Mass 228.25 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C14H12O3
IUPAC Name 5-[(E)-2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)ethen-1-yl]benzene-1,3-diol

What is Trans-Resveratrol?

Researchers refer to trans-resveratrol as the active and bioavailable component of resveratrol. The primary distinction between resveratrol and trans-resveratrol is that the former is the generic name for a dietary supplement that contains polyphenols, which function as antioxidants, and the latter is the active component.

Trans-resveratrol is a natural-occurring chemical commonly found in the skin of red grapes, which are the main ingredients of red wine. [R]

Today, trans-resveratrol is studied as a potential compound to treat, cure, or prevent certain diseases. Trans-resveratrol’s purported benefits are based on the chemical’s alleged cardioprotective properties that protect the heart or coronary arteries.

Based on clinical trials, the research formula is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, which are essential for achieving robust health.

Trans-resveratrol is not an approved food supplement or medicine by the FDA, meaning it can not treat a disease or be used as an intended food supplement. Purchase this formula for research purposes only.

Potential Applications of Trans-resveratrol

A small number of clinical studies only back up the following alleged benefits. The use of resveratrol for any of the purposes listed below still needs more evidence.

Never use trans-resveratrol as a substitute for recognized medical treatments or as a healthy food supplement. We advise that trans-resveratrol should only be purchased for research purposes.

Trans-Resveratrol and Hay Fever

One study of 100 participants found that using an intranasal spray with 0.1% resveratrol three times per day for four weeks reduced hay fever symptoms and enhanced quality of life. [R]

An intranasal spray containing resveratrol 0.05% and one additional ingredient (beta-glucan 0.33%) reduced nasal blockage, itching, and runny nose in 68 children with pollen-induced hay fever. It was given three times per day for two months. [R]

Trans-Resveratrol and Heart Health

Red wine is believed to have trans-resveratrol, which could explain why this drink supports heart health.

A smaller dose of red wine (100 ml/day for three weeks) increased the number of blood vessel-regenerating cells, nitric oxide, and blood vessel health. Water, beer, or vodka did not produce these results. This is according to a study of 80 healthy young people. [R]

Evaluated studies on animals and cells show that resveratrol also inhibits the development of atherosclerotic plaques in arteries. Additionally, it lowers blood lipids, blood platelet clumping, and inflammatory compounds that raise the risk of atherosclerosis. [R]

Despite these promising clinical outcomes, trans-resveratrol is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any heart illness.

Trans-Resveratrol and Blood Sugar Control

According to one study, resveratrol aids in the metabolism of glucose. After making the drug a part of their daily regimen (30 days), resveratrol (150 mg/day) increased insulin sensitivity. It also decreased blood sugar levels in a laboratory-controlled study involving 11 healthy but obese men. [R]

There aren’t any more clinical studies about this claim. Thus, the use of resveratrol for lowering blood sugar still needs further research.

Trans-Resveratrol and Muscle Growth

Resveratrol may increase muscle-building pathways and stop protein-degrading processes, according to some unproven theories (proteolysis). In one study, it made fish bigger and promoted the development of their muscles. [R]

In another study, rat exercise training response, upper muscle strength, and aerobic performance were improved by resveratrol supplementation. [R]

Trans-Resveratrol and Brain Wellness

Specific studies among animals showed that trans-resveratrol could decrease seizures and shield the hippocampus, the brain’s primary memory site. Additionally, this drug raises IGF-1 levels in the hippocampus, which could enhance cognition. [R]

According to one research team, resveratrol may be suitable as a shield to the brain by influencing the gut-brain axis.

As stated by this developing theory, the drug’s potential advantages may not even depend on its absorption and ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. Resveratrol stimulated gut nerves in mice, and these nerves then sent a signal to the hippocampus.

Resveratrol was not found in the hippocampus; rather, it enhanced cognition only by stimulating gut nerves. [R]

Trans-Resveratrol and Inflammation

Resveratrol is thought to affect particular inflammatory processes and its indirect antioxidant effects on inflammation.

One possibility is that it inhibits COX enzymes, the primary target of many over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. However, the research drug’s mechanism and anti-inflammatory potential still lack many clinical confirmations. [R]

Trans-Resveratrol and Hearing Loss

Scientists discovered that trans-resveratrol could address free-radical damage caused by noise. Resveratrol prevented hearing loss by scavenging free radicals and enhancing blood flow to the ears in mice subjected to loud noise. [R]

Mechanisms of Action

One of the two geometric isomers of resveratrol is trans-resveratrol. It is the active component of resveratrol supplements with potential health benefits because of its structural characteristics. While cis-resveratrol has two main planes, trans-resveratrol has a planar backbone.

However, the active component, trans-resveratrol, may be present in varying amounts in resveratrol supplements. Additionally, as was already mentioned, pure trans-resveratrol has a number of health advantages.

Numerous studies have shown that resveratrol has a very high antioxidant potential as a natural food ingredient.

Additional bioactive effects have been reported as anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, cardioprotective, vasorelaxant, phytoestrogenic, and neuroprotective.

However, because of its poor solubility and bioavailability, as well as side effects, the trans-resveratrol application continues to be a significant challenge for the pharmaceutical industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is trans-resveratrol different from resveratrol?

Resveratrol and trans-resveratrol describe naturally occurring phenols produced by certain plants in response to injury or pathogenic attack. The primary difference between resveratrol and trans-resveratrol is that resveratrol refers to the generic name for the dietary supplement. In contrast, trans-resveratrol serves as an active component in resveratrol products.

Common reviewed supplements of resveratrol could refer to trans-resveratrol.

How is trans-resveratrol commercially available?

Trans-resveratrol products that you may find in the market are commonly available in capsules. Some brands offer this formula free from gluten and dairy to appeal to research studies focused on vegetarian research chemicals.

Some researchers combine trans-resveratrol with quercetin gluten because this supposedly enhances the individual effects of the mentioned molecules. [R]

Is trans-resveratrol a nootropic compound?

According to research, resveratrol is one of the most potent nootropics that scientists can use. This substance alters the activity of several signaling pathway effectors, which could lead to significant cognitive gains.

Where can you buy trans-resveratrol?

Pure Rawz is the best online source to buy trans-resveratrol.

We provide reference materials with every product we sell to be the best supplier of research chemicals. Our products are all accompanied by an independent, third-party Certificate of Analysis for identification, purity, and concentration.

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