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Myostatin – Product Information

  • Myostatin is offered as 1mg lyophilized powder.
  • In the context of research, it is advisable to opt for bacteriostatic water when reconstituting substances rather than sterile water.

Myostatin is a protein that potentially inhibits muscle growth. It is part of a group of proteins that may help control the growth and development of tissues. In humans, myostatin levels can potentially increase with age, which may explain the age-associated loss of muscle mass.

Clinical research has shown that targeting myostatin is a viable strategy to potentially promote muscle growth in addition to preventing bone loss and fractures. Evidence from animal studies suggests that myostatin inhibition could lead to reduced total body fat and a lower risk for obesity.

PureRawz sells Myostatin inhibitors for laboratory and research purposes only.

CAS Number 118732224
Molar Mass 2956.5 g/mol
Chemical Formula C133H227N43O33
IUPAC Name D-leucyl-D-arginyl-2-cyclohexyl-D-glycyl-D-lysyl-D-arginyl-D-tryptophyl-D-isoleucyl-D-arginyl-2-cyclohexyl-D-glycyl-D-lysyl-D-isoleucyl-D-tryptophyl-D-arginyl-D-isoleucyl-D-tyrosyl-D-tryptophanamide

What is Myostatin?

Myostatin, also known as growth differentiation factor-8 (GDF-8), is a potential negative regulator of muscle growth and development. It is present in abundant amounts in the skeletal muscle cells and in small amounts in the myocardium, where it may inhibit skeletal muscle growth. [R]

Myostatin is active during all stages of the life cycle. Its levels are the lowest at birth and increase as you age. During embryonic development (before birth), myostatin potentially determines the total number of muscle fibers an individual will have. In adults, it potentially regulates muscle cell growth. [R][R]

Myostatin Inhibition Research

What follows here is a summary of clinical and preclinical studies on myostatin inhibition. The information presented in this section is for educational purposes only and doesn’t constitute medical advice. PureRawz doesn’t sell Myostatin inhibitory peptides for human use.

Myostatin Inhibition and Heart Failure

Myostatin levels are potentially higher in patients with heart disease. That is because this protein is secreted and potentially released by the muscle tissue of the heart and damage to the heart causes its potential release. This is why patients with heart disease experience muscle loss (muscle atrophy). [R]

Preclinical research has shown that genetic deletion of myostatin from the heart may prevent skeletal muscle atrophy in heart failure. Furthermore, it has been shown that combating muscle atrophy in heart failure may improve the quality of life in patients. [R]

Myostatin Inhibition and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a disease without any cure. It is characterized by progressive muscle degeneration or significant loss of muscle mass. DMD might lead to the development of serious complications, including cardiomyopathy and breathing difficulties. [R]

In research involving dogs and mice with DMD, myostatin inhibition caused an increase in muscle mass. The mouse model noted an increase in body weight, muscle size, and absolute muscle strength. Thus, myostatin inhibition could be a therapeutic approach for DMD patients. [R][R]

Myostatin Inhibition and Cancer Cachexia

Cancer cachexia is a muscle-wasting syndrome characterized by weight loss. It is estimated that cachexia affects 50 – 80% of cancer patients. It accounts for up to 20% of cancer deaths. [R]

In three mice models of cancer cachexia, myostatin inhibition preserved skeletal muscle mass, improved muscle wasting, and enhanced physical performance. One of the studies also reported an increase in muscle mass due to the inhibition of this negative muscle regulator. [R][R][R]

Myostatin Inhibition and Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s disease is a neurological disorder that gets worse over time. It is passed from parents to their children and usually becomes fatal after an extended period (up to 2 decades). [R]

In a mouse model of HD, myostatin inhibition yielded positive results. It was found that the inhibition of myostatin peptide led to reduced muscle weakness and muscle loss. These results suggest the potential benefits of targeting the myostatin-inhibiting pathway in HD patients. [R]

Myostatin Inhibition and Muscle Growth

A clinical study set out to investigate the potential effects of inhibited or decreased myostatin levels in human subjects. Data from the study reveal that 7 days of myostatin inhibition had the potential to increase grip strength, suggesting a potential link between myostatin and muscle development. [R]

At least four animal studies reveal similar connections between myostatin inhibition and muscle growth in mice and cattle. In these studies, genetic mutations that impaired myostatin production resulted in animals with 20% more muscle fibers than their normal counterparts. [R][R][R][R]

Myostatin Inhibition and Fat Gain

In a preclinical study involving mice, myostatin’s inhibition led to reduced accumulation of fat in the body. Data from the study further reveal the shrinking( in size) of fat-storing cells (adipocytes), which may lead to even more fat loss in the long term. [R]

Another study demonstrated that the inhibition of myostatin signaling in skeletal muscle resulted in decreased fat mass. These data suggest that the administration of myostatin antagonists may be a promising therapeutic target for treating obesity. [R]

Myostatin Inhibition and Glucose Metabolism

In the above preclinical study, inhibition of myostatin signaling in skeletal muscle resulted in a potentially improved glucose metabolism. Significantly, this effect was observed in mice on standard and high-fat diets, indicating the promise of myostatin inhibitors as potential anti-diabetes drugs. [R]

Myostatin Inhibition and Bone Density

Data obtained from animal studies reveal a potential inverse relationship between myostatin levels and bone mineral density. These studies have shown that myostatin inhibition may potentially lead to increased BMD and elevated myostatin levels lead to decreased BMD. [R]

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes myostatin to increase?

Genetic changes in the MSTN (myostatin) gene cause myostatin levels to increase. [R]

Are there any risks of myostatin inhibition?

Preclinical research has shown that blocking myostatin’s activity may make muscle fibers more vulnerable to injury. However, the finding is very preliminary and will need to be tested in other conditions to see if the mentioned effect holds true in humans. [R]

Where to Buy Myostatin Inhibitor Online?

PureRawz is the best place to buy high-quality Myostatin inhibitors online.

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Various studies have shown that myostatin inhibitors have the potential to increase mass, reduce fat accumulation, and improve glucose metabolism. These compounds have also highlighted their potential against diseases that cause progressive loss of muscle mass.

PureRawz doesn’t sell Myostatin for human consumption.

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