SS31 (Elamipretide)


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SS31 (Elamipretide) – Product Information

SS-31, also known as Elamipretide, is a synthetic tetrapeptide developed for its potential therapeutic effects on mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria are essential organelles in cells responsible for energy production, and their dysfunction is implicated in various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, and muscular dystrophies.

SS31 Elamipretide
CAS No. 736992-21-5
Molar Mass 639.8 g/mol
Chemical Formula C32H49N9O5
IUPAC Name D-arginyl-2,6-dimethyl-L-tyrosyl-L-lysyl-L-phenylalaninamide
Synonyms Elamipretide / Bendavia / SS-31 peptide /



What is SS31 Elamipretide?

One of the most promising mitochondrial medicines being researched at the moment is a peptide called Szeto-Schiller (SS). Under this novel class of tetrapeptides is the SS-31 also known for its proprietary name, Elamipretide (ELAM) or Bendavia [R]. SS-31 acts as an antioxidant as it selectively binds to the target mitochondria resulting in rapid improvement of physiological function. [R]

How SS31 Elamipretide works?

Elamipretide (ELAM) causes saturable lipid packing alterations and significantly alters the surface electrostatic characteristics of mitochondrial membranes that most likely be the reason behind its mito protective benefits. The membrane interface’s ion distribution is changed by ELAM, particularly under calcium stress, implying that the mode of action of ELAM is through a specific interaction with lipid bilayers resulting in a change in the electrostatic characteristics of the mitochondrial membranes [R]. It is also noteworthy that ELAM exhibits an affinity for aqueous dispersions of anionic lipids, particularly in membranes that are rich in phospholipid cardiolipin (CL) [R].

There are two crucial points to consider in terms of the overall efficacy of SS peptides, one is that it can selectively target molecular pathomechanisms by modulating the down-regulation of mitochondrial membrane potential such as altering the molecular geometry of monolysocardiolipin (MLCL) to a more conical shape. Second, it can reduce the continual physiological stresses such as calcium level spikes and mitotoxic interactions between cardiolipin (CL) and polybasic proteins that mitochondria encounter. While these pressures may be acceptable for healthy mitochondria, they might be overwhelming for mitochondria that have lost functional integrity owing to aging or hereditary mitochondrial disorders. As a result, SS peptides’ broad therapeutic benefits on mitochondrial dysfunction may be attributed to their capacity to reduce nonspecific molecular stresses at the membrane level [R].

SS31 Elamipretide Peptide Research

Numerous studies have been conducted on the potential application of SS31 Elamipretide Peptide. Below are some of the relevant findings on SS31 Peptide benefits:

SS31 Elamipretide Peptide on Restorative Therapy for Ageing Cells

The specific mechanisms behind the restoration of age-related functional impairments in the heart by ELAM were elucidated through research using shotgun proteomics. Through this investigation, the phenomenon of increased thiol oxidation in ageing cells nearly entirely reversed after 8 weeks of ELAM administration [R]. ELAM therapy partially improved the age-related alterations in the mouse cardiac phosphoproteome thus proving its potential role for restorative therapy for ageing cells [R].


SS31 Elamipretide Peptide on the Potential to Restore Muscle Strength


One major hallmark of ageing is Mitochondrial dysfunction which is a primary mediator of age-related autosomal genetic diseases, heart failure, myocardial reperfusion injury, renal reperfusion injury, and age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength [R]. As a mitochondria-targeting peptide, ELAM treatment helped increase the sensitivity of old muscles to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) leading to increased ATP production. This helped improve old muscle tissue repair resulting in its whole tissue’s better functional performance. The rapid modification of ADP sensitivity is a promising path to develop interventions to restore muscle strength and tendinopathy [R].

SS31 Elamipretide Peptide on Potential Treatment of Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders

Elamipretide (SS-31) may have potential to reduce the negative effects of inflammation and oxidative stress on cognition. Elamipretide was shown in mice to be a potentially effective treatment for hippocampal-related learning and memory deficits caused by oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. It lowered oxidative stress, inhibited mitochondrial damage, and controlled brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) signaling, all of which contributed to the restoration of disrupted synaptic signaling proteins and the augmentation of synaptic structural complexity. These results imply that by focusing on mitochondrial health, Elamipretide may have therapeutic uses for the prevention and treatment of perioperative neurocognitive disorders (PND). [R]

Efficacy and Safety of ELAM

The first phase 3 trial of ELAM in test subjects with primary mitochondrial myopathy (PMM) shows no significant improvements in a 6-minute walk test (6MWT) or a PMM Symptom Assessment (PMMSA). However, it was later on discovered that test subjects with nuclear DNA (nDNA) defects showed significant improvement in the 6MWT, suggesting ELAM’s potential benefit for genetic subtypes with mitochondrial diseases such as specific genetic subtypes of PMM. As to date, an on-going follow-up phase 3 trials focusing on participants with genetic subtypes such as the pathogenic nDNA variants [R].


What is another name for the SS31 Elamipretide Peptide?

There are a few more names for the SS31 Elamipretida, including 736992-21-5, bendavia, SS-31 peptide Arg-Dmt-Lys-Phe-NH2, SS31 peptide, MTP-131, D-Arg-Dmt-Lys-Phe-NH2, UNII-87GWG91S09, and Ocuvia. [R]

Is SS31 Elamipretide Peptide safe?

Research indicates that SS31 Elamipretide Peptide may offer additional benefits beyond those previously discussed. However, there is no concrete evidence of short-term benefits from using the SS31 Elamipretide, and its potential long-term effects remain unknown. Purerawz offers the SS31 Elamipretide strictly for research purposes.

Where to Buy SS31 Elamipretide Online?

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SS31 Elamipretide is a peptide that targets mitochondria and has antioxidant qualities. It binds to mitochondria specifically to improve physiological function. It exhibits an affinity for anionic lipids, particularly membranes rich in cardiolipin, and modifies the electrostatics of the mitochondrial membrane, especially under stress. By lowering oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and neuroinflammation, elamitretide has demonstrated promise in treating perioperative neurocognitive disorders, reversing age-related cellular deficits, and enhancing muscle strength. Phase 3 trials in primary mitochondrial myopathy were initially inconclusive, however later research suggested benefits for particular genetic variants. Long-term impacts and safety are still being studied.


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