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AC-262 – Product Information

AC-262536, otherwise known as AC262, is a non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator. A recent chronic study ran a 2-week program using castrated male rats and found that AC-262536 has the potential to significantly improve anabolic parameters in these animals, especially in stimulating the growth of the levator ani and in suppressing elevated luteinizing hormones levels.

The AC-262 for Sale from Pure Rawz is for research purposes only.

CAS Number 870888-46-3
Molar Mass 278.355 g/mol
Chemical Formula C18H18N2O
IUPAC Name 4-[(1R,3S,5S)-3-hydroxy-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-8-yl]naphthalene-1-carbonitrile


AC-262 History

AC-262 was originally developed by ACADIA Pharmaceuticals in 2007 to potentially treat Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer. Animal studies have shown that AC-262 possesses strong anabolic action, though this is yet to be confirmed by clinical trials.

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How does AC-262 Work?

AC-262 mimics the activity of testosterone. However, instead of binding to androgen receptors, it is more selective in its action. AC-262 primarily targets bone and muscle androgen receptors, sparing the prostate gland for the most part. In short, it is being studied for its potential to bind to the body’s androgen receptors, but only in skeletal muscles.

A 2-week chronic study in castrated male rats confirms the above-mentioned results. [R]

In castrated rats, adverse effects of androgens usually translate into large increases in the size of the prostate and seminal vesicles. The study found that while Testosterone led to a 10-fold increase in the size of the prostate, AC-262 had weak effects on the prostate size.

In seminal vesicles, Testosterone treatment translated into a 14-fold increase in size relative to vehicle-treated castrated rats. However, the 3mg/kg dose of AC-265236 only had a marginal effect. At its highest dose, the increase in seminal vesicles was only 29.9±2.2% relative to TP treatment.

That is despite the fact that AC-265236 favorably affected endocrine and anabolic parameters, reaching 117% and 66% of the maximum effects seen with testosterone [T]. AC-265236, therefore, demonstrates high tissue-selectivity properties with minimum adverse androgenic liabilities.


AC-262 Research

While there aren’t any studies regarding its effects on humans, AC-262 has been extensively studied in animal studies. The latter have shown that this SARM caused various effects in research subjects, including increased muscle growth, suppressed LH levels, and more.


AC-262 and Muscle Mass

A 2-week study in castrated male rats demonstrated robust anabolic effects of AC-262 on muscle weight. It restored the weight of levator ani to about 70% of the maximum effect seen with T. Furthermore, the maximum effects AC-262 produced in these tissues were much less relative to T. [R]

AC-265236 promoted significant anabolic effects on muscle growth as well as endocrinological outcomes. Thus, AC-265236 represents a novel class of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) with beneficial anabolic effects.

AC-262 and Luteinizing Hormone

Luteinizing hormone is secreted by your pituitary gland. It plays a vital role in sexual development in both men and women. However, if LH levels are higher than normal, various problems can occur, including infertility in females, low sex drive in men, and early or delayed puberty in children. [R]

In the 2-week study mentioned above, AC-262 suppressed castration-induced elevations in plasma LH. At the 3mg/kg dose, AC-265236 significantly decreased LH levels by 40%. At the 10 and 30mg/kg doses, the effects of AC-265236 on LH suppression were significantly stronger than T.

AC-262 and Alzheimer’s Disease

In a rat study, AC-265236 displayed therapeutic potential for age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. This SARM up-regulated androgen receptor levels in the brain following castration. It also antagonized impairments in higher spatial memory retention in female mice. [R]

These data demonstrate that, like testosterone and DHT, SARMs antagonize cognitive deficits in 6-month-old apoE4 female mice.

AC-262 FAQs

Is AC-262 Legal?

AC-262 is legal to buy and sell as a research chemical. This designation restricts the use of this compound for scientific and research purposes only. AC-262 cannot be used for human consumption as the lack of human studies means we aren’t aware of the risks involved.

Does AC-262356 Elevate Liver Enzymes?

There isn’t any mention of liver enzymes in any of the studies that have been conducted on AC-262 to date.

Does AC-262 Cause Fat Loss?

In any of the studies conducted on AC-262 to date, there isn’t any mention of fat loss. More studies are thus needed to verify or refute this assertion.

Do SARMs Enhance Performance and Endurance Levels?

Research has shown that SARMs are performance enhancers. They stimulate anabolism (i.e., increase muscle mass and strength) and facilitate recovery from exercise in test subjects. [R]


Where to Buy AC-262 Online

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AC-262 is a novel SARM that demonstrates selectivity for the muscle and bone tissue and not the reproductive tissues. This SARM could also potentially increase muscle growth and promote higher spatial memory in animal test subjects. However, in the absence of randomized large-scale clinical trials, AC-262’s long-term effects aren’t apparent.

This information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN ARE FOR LABORATORY AND RESEARCH USE ONLY. All clinical research must be conducted with oversight from the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB). All preclinical research must be conducted with oversight from the appropriate Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) following the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).
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