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Setipiprant – Product Information

Setipiprant Powder is a specialized product researched for its potential ability to solve hair loss, particularly male pattern baldness, a common manifestation of androgenetic alopecia. It offers a focused pathway by targeting the specific underlying causes of hair loss.

All the information provided here, including scientific data, discovery, mixture, or dosage of this potential drug or compound for male pattern baldness, should not be interpreted as a recommendation for interested patients to purchase Setipiprant.

This product does not come from plant extract and shouldn’t be linked to Finasteride in any case though both of them promised the same result.

CAS Number 866460-33-5
Molar Mass 402.4 g/mol
Chemical Formula C24H19FN2O3
IUPAC Name 2-[8-Fluoro-2-(naphthalene-1-carbonyl)-3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrido[4,3-b]indol-5-yl]acetic acid

What is Setipiprant Powder?

Setipiprant Powder (ACT-129968) is a chemical compound commonly studied as a potential treatment for hair loss. It is often applied topically to the scalp of subjects to potentially address hair loss concerns in test subjects. This product has a defined shelf life, ensuring its potency and effectiveness when stored correctly (tightly sealed, away from heat, light, and moisture).

Setipiprant is expressed as a treatment option to combat various forms of hair loss, making it a valuable tool for those seeking to research hair health and address scalp-related issues research.

Possible Applications of Setipiprant Powder

Potential Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

Setipiprant targets the DP2 receptor, which is associated with inhibiting hair growth and has been identified as a potential factor in baldness treatment. A phase 2A clinical study evaluated the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of oral Setipiprant in male test subjects with androgenetic alopecia (AGA), a common cause of hair loss. However, this study, completed in May 2018, did not find statistically significant improvement. [R]

While laboratory research identified the connection between PGD2 receptors and hair loss, clinical trials have not yet demonstrated conclusive effectiveness in treating AGA with Setipiprant. [R]

Allergic Conditions

Setipiprant has shown promising results in reducing allergen-induced airway responses in clinical trials with asthmatic participants, indicating its potential in allergic condition treatment. Clinical trials confirmed that the Setipiprant was well-tolerated by participants. It was designed to target the DP2 receptors associated with allergic responses. [R]

However, despite its effectiveness in reducing allergic responses, Setipiprant did not show a significant advantage over existing compounds for allergies and asthma. [R]

It’s important to note that while laboratory research has uncovered the potential of Setipiprant in addressing hair loss and allergic conditions, clinical studies have yielded mixed results. Further research and development may be needed to fully understand its effectiveness in these applications.

Setipiprant’s connection to PGD2 receptors highlights its relevance to hair loss, particularly in test subjects with androgenetic alopecia, but its practical use as a treatment option requires ongoing investigation.

How Does Setipiprant Powder Work?

Setipiprant Powder operates through distinct mechanisms to potentially address allergic conditions and scalp hair loss.

In the context of allergic conditions, Setipiprant acts as a potent antagonist for the DP2 receptor, a key player in allergic responses. This receptor is typically found on specific immune cells involved in inflammation during allergies.

By binding strongly to the DP2 receptor, Setipiprant Powder effectively blocks its activation, preventing it from responding to prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), a trigger for the release of inflammatory chemicals from immune cells.

The mentioned action mitigates inflammation and alleviates symptoms associated with allergies, such as asthma, without affecting the thromboxane receptor responsible for bronchoconstriction.

Regarding scalp hair loss, Setipiprant targets a different aspect of PGD2. The D2 receptor (DP/PGD2) is expressed at high levels in the scalp of men suffering from male pattern baldness. In participants with androgenic alopecia (hair loss), the enzyme PTGDS and PGD2 levels are elevated in the bald scalp areas.

PGD2 has a detrimental impact on hair follicles, hindering their growth through the DP2 receptor. Setipiprant Powder acts as a DP2 receptor antagonist, effectively countering the inhibitory effects of PGD2 on hair follicles.

By blocking the DP2 receptor, Setipiprant has the potential to stimulate hair growth in participants with androgenic alopecia by preventing PGD2 from interfering with follicle development. These dual mechanisms make Setipiprant Powder a versatile candidate for addressing both allergic conditions and scalp hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Setipiprant Powder, and how does it work?

Setipiprant Powder is a substance studied to address various conditions, including allergic responses and hair loss. It functions by blocking certain receptors in the body, known as DP2 receptors, which are involved in allergic reactions and hair follicle growth regulation.

By inhibiting these receptors, it can alleviate allergy symptoms and potentially promote hair growth.

Has Setipiprant Powder undergone testing to confirm its effectiveness?

Yes, Setipiprant Powder has been subject to laboratory research and clinical studies to evaluate its efficacy in treating conditions like allergies and hair loss.

While research has provided valuable insights into its mechanisms of action, effectiveness may vary from one test subject to another.

Does Setipiprant Powder contain any skin inhibitors or affect the skin of subjects in any way?

Setipiprant Powder primarily targets internal receptors and is not typically associated with skin inhibitors.

However, if used topically on the skin, it’s important to follow the recommended application instructions and monitor for any skin reactions or irritations.

How does Setipiprant Powder work as a potential hair loss treatment?

Setipiprant Powder counters hair loss by inhibiting the action of prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) on DP2 receptors in the scalp. PGD2 is known to inhibit hair follicle growth, and Setipiprant’s DP2 receptor inhibition may potentially promote hair growth.

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  1. Nate

    A Real game-changer for hair loss. I’ve seen significant regrowth and less shedding.
    It’s easy to use, and I’m thrilled with the results!

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