DMAA + Theacrine

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DMAA + Theacrine – Product Information

DMAA (Dimethylamylamine) and Theacrine are two compounds that, when combined, are believed to have potential synergistic effects. When DMAA and Theacrine are combined, their mechanisms of action may complement each other. DMAA’s potential stimulant properties could provide an immediate boost of energy and focus, while Theacrine may potentially contribute to sustained energy levels without the typical tolerance buildup associated with caffeine. This combination may result in a prolonged period of enhanced alertness, improved cognitive function, and heightened physical performance in research subjects.

  • DMAA + Theacrine tablets consist of two compounds: DMAA and Theacrine.
  • DMAA + Theacrine tablets contain 20mg of DMAA and 150mg of Theacrine, totaling 170mg per tablet.


Recent studies examined neurocognitive performance following acute consumption of a DMAA-containing research compound. The ImPACT test, a computerized neurocognitive assessment, was used to measure neurocognitive performance such as attention, verbal recognition memory, and visual working memory. Results indicated that subjects had significantly improved reaction time and increased scores on the cognitive-efficiency index following ingestion of the DMAA-containing compound.

CAS Number 71776-71-1
Molar Mass 151.68 g/mol
Chemical Formula C7H18ClN
IUPAC Name 4-methylhexan-2-amine


Theacrine is a compound structurally very similar to Caffeine, and preliminary evidence suggests that it activates similar signaling pathways. The preliminary evidence also suggests less tolerance build-up with Theacrine. Evidence shows Theacrine’s effects come from its reactions between two neural pathways, adenosinergic and catecholaminergic pathways. By affecting these major pathways and supporting other neurotransmitters, Theacrine has the ability to potentially increase energy without irritability and allows for possible enhanced physical and mental performance.

CAS Number 2309-49-1
Molar Mass 224.22 g/mol
Chemical Formula C9H12N4O3
IUPAC Name 1,3,7,9-Tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione
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12 reviews for DMAA + Theacrine

  1. Justin Mellenders

    This is what you call a killer combo!

  2. Romain Matthews

    I love this cycle. Your customer service was amazing and very helpful and very kind. Good job!

  3. Howard

    Wow. I am surprised what both these compounds in one can do. Worth buying

  4. Anonymous

    I did not experience the jitters or the afternoon crash. Anytime I can substitute a pharmaceutical with a natural supplement, I am very pleased.

  5. K Robertson

    Perfect combo.

  6. Milton Shelton

    This is a worthwhile addition to my daily supplements and vitamins.

  7. Rob

    When this is on sale again, please let me know. I will be the first one to buy

  8. Koby D

    Pricing seems to be fair compared with competitors so product availability and accurate, speedy order fulfillment are the key factors I look for in a supplier. Highly recommended your company.

  9. Maurinis

    I am very happy with the results.

  10. Timothy

    I noticed improvements in my energy and focus. I would recommend it!

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  12. Cara (verified owner)

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